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Understanding Composition

If you were to ask a hundred professional photographers what the key is to taking a good photograph, I’m sure at least ninety of them would say the same thing: “Composition.” I am a firm believer that without good composition, no matter how much money you do (or don’t) spend on camera gear, you simply […]

Understanding Shooting Modes

One question that seems to come up on nearly every Backcountry Journeys tour that I have led is what shooting mode to use. I’ll often have very experienced photographers still wondering whether to use Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority or Manual for a given scene. I’ve also seen newcomers to the photo world shooting on Auto […]

How To: Welcome to Photography

I’ve had the distinct privilege of working with many different photographers over the last few months, each of varying degrees of experience. It has been a really neat experience, and has left me with a feeling of great pride in my work and the community in which I have become a part of. My guests […]

Trip Report: Canyons of Utah Zion & Bryce

Our first trip to Utah this fall started out in sunny St. George as I met our 5 guests for a pre-trip meeting at the hotel before a delicious dinner in town. Our guests were excited to see Zion and Bryce Canyon National parks, as most had never been to this part of the country […]

Trip Report: Yellowstone & Grand Teton in Autumn 2018

Yellowstone in Autumn is a remarkably special place. The seasons are changing and winter is fast approaching. Wildlife is on the move, anxiously awaiting the arrival of colder temperatures and heavy snow. Bears are stocking up for their long winter nap, while the elk compete for mates. Wolves are looking for the weak members of […]

Trip Report: Brown Bears of Katmai in the Fall 2018

September in Katmai this year was a real treat. Russ, Crystal & I (Russ will be writing his own blost post soon on this trip ) were able to run three different groups through Brooks Camp, providing twenty-two people with the opportunity to observe and photograph the largest concentration of coastal brown bears on Earth […]

Trip Report: Yellowstone Wildlife Safari

A few weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of showing some great folks around Yellowstone for our August Yellowstone Wildlife Safari and workshop. Our primary objective for the five day tour was to photograph the bison rut, which begins each year right around the first week of August. We would of course be chasing […]

Trip Report: Glacier National Park “hiker”

After a great first week in Glacier National Park with some really fantastic light and great people, Matt and I were especially excited for another week in one of our favorite parks in the country. Upon checking the forecast, we had high hopes for some great clouds and potentially dramatic skies throughout the week for […]

Trip Report: Yellowstone Wildlife Safari

Last month, I had the privilege of guiding the first ever Backcountry Journeys trip that Russ did not attend. I had some pretty big shoes to fill, and after 4 days in Yellowstone, I think I can say we did pretty well. The theme for our week in Yellowstone could be summed up in two […]