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Understanding Autofocus

There are countless different variables that go into taking a photo and ensuring the desired outcome. Among them, sharpness is perhaps the most critical. By ensuring proper shutter speed and aperture the photographer can try to capture the moment sharply, but without a properly functioning autofocus, getting a crisp shot quickly is all but impossible. […]

Understanding White Balance

An essential component to ensuring quality nature images is monitoring your camera’s white balance. Since the majority of wildlife and landscape photographers are using natural light, it’s important to showcase that in your photography, or else risk your images appearing unnatural in their coloring. This can be managed with proper white balance, and, if done […]

Understanding The Histogram

One of my favorite tools for ensuring proper exposure and light in my photography is the use of the camera’s histogram. A tool that is often misunderstood and pegged as overly complex or confusing is really just a simple way for your camera to tell you if it got everything in the shot. So what […]

Understanding Exposure Compensation and Metering

A major challenge, it seems, for most photographers is ensuring proper exposure of their imagery. But what is “proper” and how can you be sure you’ve captured your subject in the best light given the circumstances? By utilizing your camera’s metering and exposure compensation you can be sure that your photos will be properly exposed, […]

Trip Report: Winter in Yellowstone -February 2019

Getting to witness Yellowstone in the winter is a truly special experience. The entire park is quiet. The crowds are gone, the animals are much more visible from the road and everything is blanketed in a soft white coat of snow. With over 4 million visitors a year, the world’s first national park is in […]

Understanding ISO

Now that we have addressed shutter speed and aperture, it would be a disservice to not also briefly cover ISO, the third leg of the exposure triangle. As discussed in previous posts, ISO is the measure of your digital camera’s sensor sensitivity, but where did that term come from? How does it affect an image? […]

Understanding Aperture Part II

Utilizing aperture in your photography is a great way to add an artistic touch to your images. Through the use of adjustments in depth of field, lighting and lens flares, a photographer can create imagery that is both compelling and thoughtful, showing an advanced use of lens and camera tools that go beyond a basic […]

Understanding Aperture – Part 1

Aperture is an often overwhelming concept for the budding photographer. Numbers, ratios, and mathematics can often complicate a fairly simple concept. There’s an endless amount of conversation that can result in a lot of head scratching when trying to understand aperture, but hopefully I can shed some light on what it is that your aperture […]

Understanding Shutter Speed

As a photographer, one of the biggest components of nailing your shot is ensuring you have the correct shutter speed. This aspect of the exposure triangle is perhaps the most critical component of an image. Where ISO or aperture may influence the brightness or artistic nature of a photograph, a mistake when choosing a shutter […]

Understanding Composition

If you were to ask a hundred professional photographers what the key is to taking a good photograph, I’m sure at least ninety of them would say the same thing: “Composition.” I am a firm believer that without good composition, no matter how much money you do (or don’t) spend on camera gear, you simply […]

Understanding Shooting Modes

One question that seems to come up on nearly every Backcountry Journeys tour that I have led is what shooting mode to use. I’ll often have very experienced photographers still wondering whether to use Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority or Manual for a given scene. I’ve also seen newcomers to the photo world shooting on Auto […]

How To: Welcome to Photography

I’ve had the distinct privilege of working with many different photographers over the last few months, each of varying degrees of experience. It has been a really neat experience, and has left me with a feeling of great pride in my work and the community in which I have become a part of. My guests […]

Trip Report: Canyons of Utah Zion & Bryce

Our first trip to Utah this fall started out in sunny St. George as I met our 5 guests for a pre-trip meeting at the hotel before a delicious dinner in town. Our guests were excited to see Zion and Bryce Canyon National parks, as most had never been to this part of the country […]

Trip Report: Yellowstone & Grand Teton in Autumn 2018

Yellowstone in Autumn is a remarkably special place. The seasons are changing and winter is fast approaching. Wildlife is on the move, anxiously awaiting the arrival of colder temperatures and heavy snow. Bears are stocking up for their long winter nap, while the elk compete for mates. Wolves are looking for the weak members of […]

Trip Report: Brown Bears of Katmai in the Fall 2018

September in Katmai this year was a real treat. Russ, Crystal & I (Russ will be writing his own blost post soon on this trip ) were able to run three different groups through Brooks Camp, providing twenty-two people with the opportunity to observe and photograph the largest concentration of coastal brown bears on Earth […]