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Introducing Ben Blankenship

Oops, we did it again! Russ has hired another fantastic, capable and amazing photo guide to the Backcountry Journeys team as we continue to grow. Please help me welcome Ben Blankenship to the Backcountry Journeys team! Ben comes to us via Costa Rica, originally from Tennessee, U.S.A. His work has been published in the New […]

White Sands National Monument

She walks at night. Across the lonely dunes of New Mexico’s Great White Sand Dunes National Monument, the ghost of a lonely maiden still dressed in her flowing white wedding gown searches endlessly for her lost love. There are few written accounts of the famous legend of White Sands, leaving oral tradition left to carry […]

This again? Already? Man takes selfie with bears…

These guys obviously missed the Backcountry Journeys blog post from earlier this month. Remember the one? About the man arrested for taunting bison at Yellowstone National Park in late July. We only touched on that situation to remind us all of our responsibility towards ourselves, wildlife and others, while visiting National Parks. This again? Already? […]

Yellowstone’s Grand Prismatic

With temperatures that are so hot if touched by a human hand skin would melt right off the bone, it’s hard to imagine it also being one of America’s geologic and visual treasures. But it is! First noted by early 1800’s European trappers (obviously discovered much earlier by Native Americans) as a “boiling lake with […]

The Ecosystems of Rocky Mountain National Park

‘O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain… For purple mountain majesties, above the fruited plain! -Katharine Lee Bates   These words, originally lyrics from a poem titled ‘Pikes Peak,’ were inspired by the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. First published in the 1895 Fourth of July edition of the church periodical The Congregationalist, […]

Nikon is (Finally) Officially Going Pro Mirrorless

What if that big name camera company said, “Hey! We’re going to build a full frame, pro mirrorless camera body… And, on top of that, we’re going to design it so that you can use your old DSLR lenses while doing it!”? Holy cow! Really? Apparently, according to a news release from Nikon, its happening. […]

Our Vanishing Polar Bears

Polar Bears have been on Earth for a long time. In fact, the oldest known polar bear fossil is 130,000-110,000 years old. There are theories that place their existence at even up to 1.7 million years. Today, primarily due to human impact, these majestic marine animals face an all-too-real losing battle with survival. We’ve talked […]

Polar Bears of Barter Island

Winters are long here. At this high latitude the sun does not rise far above the horizon at any point during the winter, leaving only twilight as the source of light for Kaktovik, a small Inupiat village located on Barter Island on the northeastern corner of Alaska. This Arctic location means the dark days of […]

Glacier National Park

It is regarded as The Crown of the Continent. “Wander here a whole summer, if you can. Thousands of God’s wild blessings will search you and soak you as if your were a sponge, and the big days will go uncounted… Here – at the border of Montana and Canada – glacier carved snow capped […]

Katmai National Park (with all-new images!)

They may as well have called it “See Brown Bears Fish for Salmon” National Park,” am I right? It’s what we all envision when we hear the name “Katmai.” Especially those of us who list: “see brown bears fish for salmon in Alaska” on our bucket lists. Indeed this is the signature at Katmai National […]

Making Sunsets Better

We’ve all been there. Many times. There we were waiting patiently, at a carefully picked out spot, hoping to get that moment when the sun and clouds create a perfectly colorful sunset over some sort of awesome subject. Our moment to capture a worthwhile photograph. And then it happens. It ACTUALLY happens! Nature holds up […]

All About Sandhill Cranes

The Sandhill Craneby Mary Austin Whenever the days are cool and clearThe sandhill crane goes walkingAcross the field by the flashing weirSlowly, solemnly stalking.The little frogs in the tules hearAnd jump for their lives when he comes near,The minnows scuttle away in fear,When the sandhill crane goes walking.The field folk know if he comes that […]