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Marine Wildlife of Alaska: Kenai Fjords

The famous naturalist John Muir once wrote that “you should never go to Alaska as a young man, because you’ll never be satisfied with any other place as long as you live.” Is it possible to agree AND disagree with a statement? And is it wise to disagree with John Muir? It’s so true, there […]

Alaskan Bear Photography Trips

There is something about bears. Bears are majestic, they’re mythical. If one, while out hiking, sees a bear footprint in the dirt, his or her heart starts beating a bit faster. It’s downright exhilarating to see a bear, even just the possibility of seeing one is exciting enough. Bears can be scary with their huge […]

Meet the Crew

Hey all! We hope that everyone is making the best of whatever late winter is “gifting” you, wherever you may be. Whether it be rain, sleet or snow; or maybe freezing cold temperatures combined with seemingly unending darkness (think Chicago -no offense), or even a tropical paradise, weather provides -as we all know- outstanding additions […]

International Polar Bear Day

Today is International Polar Bear Day. Known as ‘Nanuq,’the polar bear is revered by the indigenous people of the Arctic as wise, powerful, and even almost human. They are referred to as the “Master of Bears.” In fact, on a quick side note, bears as a species are considered by many wildlife biologists to be […]

Yellowstone Wildlife Safari

It is often referred to as the “American Serengeti.” Spanning a whopping 3,468 square miles, Yellowstone National Park is a vast wonderland conglomerate of lakes, canyons, rivers and mountain ranges. The Park is the centerpiece of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, which is the largest remaining nearly-intact ecosystem in Earth’s northern temperate zone. Here vast forests […]

Lookout Inn. The BEST Costa Rican Eco-Lodge

Imagine for a moment waking up to the sound of crashing tropical ocean waters, lying in a secluded, open-air treehouse cabina perched in a tropical rainforest canopy. The only thing on your “To-Do” list for the day? Photographing the natural world that surrounds you. This could be you, if you choose to join Backcountry Journeys […]

Autumn in Colorado: Rocky Mountain National Park

Somewhere in a remote corner of Colorado, frigid rivers twist and plunge through granite canyons, eventually spilling over towering falls as they roar through forests of supple pine and spruce. Here, mountain peaks create a backdrop of some of the most awe inspiring mountain scenery on the continent, soaring into azure skies at elevations greater […]

Lands End

The Homer Spit is a four and a half mile long piece of land jutting into Kachemak Bay, in Homer, Alaska, located on the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula. Two theories exist that attempt to explain the Spit’s geologic origins: One, is that tidal swells and currents of Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay piled […]

Oh, the Places We’ll Go…To EAT!

At Backcountry Journeys we are in the business of providing not just world-class photography-based tours, but at the same time, amazing vacations that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Utilizing unmatched attention to detail we meticulously research, and tirelessly scout, every visually stunning destination we visit in order to ensure you get […]

Ethical Field Practices

We are the guests. As nature photographers we are all desirous of the “best” shot. We envy it, perhaps even placing it upon a proverbial pedestal. We work hard, travel distances, awaking at pre-dawn hours to head out into more often than not less than pleasant elements. All just for the chance to get that […]

Photographing the Aurora Borealis

We call them the Northern Lights. Aurora Borealis. They are the lights of the northern hemisphere, or, the ‘dawn of the north’. They enchant seemingly all of us, some from afar, while many are lured to the various outpost bailiwicks where the lights become visible in a tidal wave-like storm of color in the clear, […]

Three Great Backpacks for Photography / Hiking

Just as a chef has a cutting board to accompany his knife, or a cyclist has her bike rack to carry her bike, a nature photographer should have a quality camera pack to provide the best experience possible when hiking and photographing in the wilderness. A cutting board isn’t vital to a knife, a cyclist […]

Alaskan Bald Eagles

Named by American colonists for their white feathered heads, the Bald Eagle soars courageously across the great blue North American sky, unmistakably. These mighty aerial beasts are considerable in stature, aesthetically pleasing to both the eye and camera lens. They have been symbolic in native legend, and later, representative of a nation. What is it […]