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Photo Editing Monitors – How to choose?

A Guide to Monitors for Photography Whether you’re a professional photographer, an avid hobbyist, or just a beginner, a quality monitor is a crucial part of your photography setup. All of us love being the field and experiencing the challenges of getting shot. We love finding that perfect composition, we love enduring the conditions to […]

Holiday Buying Guide – Camera Bodies

The holiday season is in full swing and there’s no time better to upgrade your gear, whether it be a camera or lens. There’s also not a better time to be in the market for new gear. Camera technology has taken a huge step forward in the last few years, which gives us consumers access […]

Top 5 Filters for Landscape Photography

Filters used to be an accessory that every photographer owned, regardless of genre and style. But the digital age rushed onto the scene rendering many filters obsolete, mainly due to the fact that many desired filter effects have become easily replicated in digital processing applications like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. However, filters that produce […]

Pixel Shift – What Is It and Why You Should Try It

With new innovations in camera technology and design, cameras are starting to see some really useful features arise. Some notables are focus peaking, in-camera focus bracketing, and the one I’d like to discuss today, pixel shifting. Right now, only a handful of cameras have the ‘Pixel Shift’ feature built-in. I’ve experimented with the Pixel Shift […]

Nikon’s new 500mm 5.6 PF

When it comes to the ‘best’ lenses for wildlife photography, the build and image quality of super telephoto primes is unsurpassed.   All of us have seen (and probably been envious of) those monster 400-600mm prime lenses, they are absolutely amazing. There are downsides, however, the major ones being weight and cost. Cost will always be […]

Canon EOS R

Only a few weeks removed from Nikon’s mirrorless announcement, Canon has now made a big mirrorless announcement as well in the EOS R. Now both of the biggest players in digital photography have entered the mirrorless market. As I noted in my previous article on Nikon’s release, I think competition is great for consumers and […]

Nikon Mirrorless: First Impressions of the Z6 & Z7

Nikon has officially announced its new mirrorless, full-frame camera line along with a completely new lens mount. Nikon’s dive into the mirrorless market means that Sony finally has a true competitor. Canon is very close to revealing its new mirrorless line too, as their mirrorless announcement is rumored to be early this fall. In short, […]

Trip Report: Glacier National Park

We just finished the first of our two Glacier National Park workshops this summer. It was a fantastic trip and although the forecast called for clear skies all week, our group was treated to some very nice light all week. Glacier National Park is my personal favorite national park. The mountains are incredible, it features […]

Trip Report: Coastal Brown Bears of Alaska

Step into any souvenir shop in Alaska and you’ll see ‘The Last Frontier’ plastered across t-shirts, stickers, mugs, and more. That reputation is certainly well-deserved as Alaska contains 365.5 million acres of land, 28.8 million acres of freshwater lakes, rivers, and ponds, 6,640 linear miles of coastline, and 4 out of 10 of the highest […]