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Mirrorless Updates: Canon and Nikon News

I thought it would be a good time to check back in on the current status of the mirrorless camera systems just released by Nikon and Canon. There have been quite a few big photography conferences where each manufacturer has released more info on their plans and shown off some prototype lenses. Of course, there […]

Top Reasons to Visit Iceland

Iceland is only about 40,000 square miles, roughly the size of Ohio, but a lot is packed into those 40,000 square miles. Iceland continues to be one of the greatest photography destinations in the world. Only 300,000 people live in Iceland, with 60% of those living in the capital city of Reykjavik on the west […]

Best Photo Contests to Enter in 2019

Entering photo contests can be a great way to increase exposure for your photography and to win some nice prizes at the same time. There are a lot of contests going on out there, some better than others. Personally, I enter maybe 10-15 photo contests each year. I don’t win or place in a lot […]

Top Photo Printers for Printing at Home

In the digital age, it seems prints have taken a back seat for many. We spend a lot of money on high resolution cameras, pair them with the best glass money can buy, and do all we can in the field to ensure the ‘sharpest’ image possible. The majority of us go through those steps […]

Top Reasons to Visit Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks

When it comes to landscape photography, I consider the two best areas in the country to be the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest. Both areas offer spectacular sights, but what makes them special is the diversity in landscapes that they offer. In the future, expect some Backcountry Journeys workshops to the Pacific Northwest, but as […]

Top Lenses for Wildlife Photography

Lens choice for wildlife photography is so important, it isn’t everything, but it’s a lot. Composition, knowledge of settings, and the actual camera body weigh heavily in the equation as well, but today we are discussing the lens choices available to wildlife photographers of all skill levels. The chase for the sharpest photos and longest […]

News: Nikon & Canon Mirrorless Update

It has been about five months since Nikon and Canon announced, and subsequently released, their new mirrorless lines. Overall, both manufacturers produced extremely good mirrorless cameras and things should only get better moving forward. Of course, each camera has received some critical feedback and each has room for improvements. However, there’s no denying all released […]

Top Laptops of 2018 for Photo Editing

Most of us love travel, and most of us love photography (hopefully!). Merging those two passions together means a lot of time on the road and a lot of time living out of a suitcase. We can’t lug our all-powerful, heavy duty desktops with beautiful monitors around all the time so we turn to the […]

Loupedeck +: A Unique Accessory for Post-Processing

There are many photography accessories out there that could be considered essential to our craft. These might be a tripod, a camera case or pack, filters, remotes…the list could go on forever. However, every now and then an accessory comes along that was not expected. That same accessory might just happen to solve a problem […]

Drone Photography: Top Drones of 2019

Drones have recently become extremely popular among photographers of all types. And for good reason, they are simple and fun to fly, they add a new element to your photography, and they offer a totally unique perspective. They are also relatively inexpensive for what they offer, which is basically a high quality camera and aerial […]

The “World’s First” Titanium Tripod System

In a recent blog post I discussed tripods, additionally listing potential models to consider. The topic is coming back to the forefront, though, because a new company is making serious waves on Kickstarter that are necessitating additional discussion. Colorado-based tripod company, ‘Colorado Tripod Company’ (clever, eh?), is introducing what they claim to be ‘the world’s […]