Standing together, we are an unbreakable community.

While on a walk through the forest the other day I picked up a lone twig and bent it. I’m not sure why I did this, it just happened. I didn’t have to bend the twig much before it snapped. This made me pause. I bent down and scooped up a handful of twigs, all similar in shape and size. I held them together and attempted to bend to the point of breaking. I struggled with all of my might, my face even turned a particularly dark shade of red as all of my muscles proved not enough. The twigs would not bend. They failed to break.

This got me thinking.

Inadvertently, my seemingly mindless activity playing with sticks, to me, became a metaphor for what I hope our response will be to our current state of affairs. As individuals, we are susceptible to being broken by the scary times posed by the COVID-19 outbreak. As a collective, supporting each other, we stand together unbreakable. Just like my clutch of twigs.

Each day we rise to an altered reality. We rise to a new set of guidelines and a new set of challenges. At the same time, we rise with new opportunities to assist.

Help prevent the spread of this virus. Help those among us who are helpless. Help those who are helping others.

These are our communal responsibilities. These come first.

Yet, part of the fabric of each of our own communities is small businesses. Small businesses provide humanity in industries that can exist today as faceless entities.

The owners of these businesses are our friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens who’ve put their entire lives into their businesses. Their blood, sweat, and tears are reflected in the quality of their products and services that we all appreciate as part of our lives and in some cases that which makes us… well, us.

Restaurants, bars, and other brick and mortar storefronts are certainly in the crosshairs as the nationwide quarantine has dissolved their livelihoods with heartbreaking swiftness.

For the past couple weeks Backcountry Journeys has had to deal with a pretty tough reality: How can we survive as a small business that offers photography tours to locations across the globe when our customers are trapped at home, encouraged (and in some cases forced) not to travel?

Survival of small business will now likely depend on continued community support, and on government relief, whether loans, grants, delayed deadlines for tax bills — or all of the above.

So today we reach out to our community so as to encourage you to support small businesses around the country.

Purchases during this crisis can help to keep the lights on. As a community comes together, jobs are saved. Please consider, if you are able, to help keep that brick in your community’s brick-and-mortar world.

Folks, the quarantine in response to the COVID-19 outbreak has brought Backcountry Journeys business to a stunning halt. Yet, we look towards the (hopefully) not too distant future for a return normal. This too shall pass, and when it does we feel the perfect antidote/response, in our mind, will be to get out on a photography tour. We hope to see you then! We realize there are a lot of concerns right now, and health and safety come first. But, if you are able to look towards the future with us, please do.

It just doesn’t seem right that the Amazons & Walmarts of the world are hiring in the hundreds of thousands while our amazing guides & staff at BCJ are in jeopardy of being laid-off.

We are booking 2021 trips now – and even if you aren’t sure which trip you want yet – you can put down a deposit and choose your trip later or purchase a gift certificate. Kind of like buying yourself a “when I get out of self-quarantine” gift!

We are also offering both live online photography courses as well as Lightroom & Photoshop Video Courses that you can do at your own pace. Whichever your preference these are GREAT ways to get educated while you are at home.

Whatever your choice we appreciate your continued support and we’ll be here for you on the other side!


Russ, Crystal, Matt, Kenton, Jillian, Russell, Ben, Marnie, Rayna, Steve, Joey, PJ and Michael

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