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Trip Report: Glacier National Park – July 2019

For this July’s Backcountry Journeys Glacier National Park tour, our group would be chasing sunrises and sunsets amongst some of the most pristine and stunning alpine lakes this continent has to offer. Ringed with rocky peaks and bathed in beautiful morning and evening light, we would have opportunities to photograph these incredible landscapes amongst a variety […]

Timelapse Photography: An Introduction

I would assume that most people reading this article know what timelapse photography is.  We’ve all seen the dramatic sequences in Planet Earth with stars and clouds whizzing across the frame, of little saplings crawling up from the jungle floor, wriggling like snakes, and then ascending up a tree trunk.  In its simplest definition, timelapse […]

Going Pro – Monetizing Your Photographic Passion

One of the most common questions I get from other photographers is, “How did you start working as a professional photographer?”  To answer that question though, I think we first need to define what it is to be a professional. The first misnomer we need to dispel with is the classic convention of what a […]

An Introduction to The Wildlife of Costa Rica

Costa Rica, which literally translates to ‘Rich Coast,’ was first so-named by Christopher Columbus who sailed here in 1502.  When he encountered indigenous tribes clad in gold jewelry, he assumed that the land must be full of rich gold reserves.  And though he would eventually be proven correct, gold was not discovered there until centuries […]