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Iceland: Land of Fire

Backcountry Journey’s guide Ben Blankenship recently led a workshop in Iceland. While there he spent some time photographing and filming the incredible Fagradalsfjall eruption. Ben created this jaw-dropping cinematic video of the eruption. “For nine days, it lay in wait. For nine days, magma gathered under the newly formed volcanic crust, building in strength and […]

Trip Report: Glacier National Park I (standard) – July 2021

Glacier National Park boasts some of the most stunning mountain landscapes in the world. Rocky peaks jut high into the sky, adorned with glacial blue lakes and tumbling cascades. Mountain goats and marmots populate the alpine meadows, where in summer, wildflower blooms erupt in the millions. For the landscape photographer who ventures here, Glacier National […]

Trip Report: Brown Bears of Alaska: Lake Clark – June 2021

Lake Clark National Park is located in southwest Alaska, and his home to a wide array of ecosystems, including tidal bays, estuaries, rainforest, glaciers, volcanos, and salmon bearing rivers and streams. And this wide array of ecosystems means that virtually all of Alaska’s iconic animals can be found here, including moose, wolf, bald eagles, wolverine, […]

Astrophotography | Tips & Tricks

There’s nothing like capturing the night sky, and better yet, the Milky Way. Camera sensors are able to pick up immense detail and light from those far off galaxies – making it an extremely fun and awe-inspiring type of landscape photography. Ben Blankenship was recently in Joshua Tree National Park guiding a Backcountry Journeys’ workshop. […]

Macro Photography | Tips for Wildlife

A macro approach can produce fantastic images of small creatures and wildlife. It does require some special gear and techniques though. In this video, Ben Blankenship covers what gear you need and the techniques he’s used to capture amazing macro images for years. Ben is an expert on all things Costa Rica and has an […]

Yosemite in Spring

Yosemite National Park in California is one of the most majestic places in the world. You could even say that landscape photography was born there. Ansel Adams was one of the first to capture and portray the beauty of the park, and other icons like Galen Rowell followed shortly after. Today, landscape photographers continue to […]