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Common Lightroom Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

For photographers of any skill level, programs like Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw are critical tools for post-processing workflow. Not only is Lightroom a powerful photo editing program, but it is also a valuable organizational tool. There is a lot of information to learn in Lightroom, and it takes practice to become efficient. While Lightroom […]

Trip Report: Autumn in Glacier

After a summer full of smoke and haze, the rains had finally come to Montana and restored its standing as “Big Sky Country.” The air was crisp and the leaves had begun their transformation. Storms were in the forecast and fellow guide, Michael Wichman, and I, couldn’t have been more excited for Glacier National Park […]

Bring Them All

The most common questions I hear on workshops are always, “What lens do I need to bring?”, “Can I leave my telephoto?”, “Will I need my wide angle?”  My answer is always the same: “Bring them All”.  While that may sound dismissive, or perhaps even sarcastic, the truth is that I genuinely believe that having […]