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Missed Opportunities

I missed it, and have no excuses. No good ones, anyway.  My camera and lenses worked just fine. My batteries were charged, and memory cards had plenty of space.  And it wasn’t like it was just a one-off chance, either. I had plenty of opportunities. I’m kicking myself, I just CANNOT BELIEVE I MISSED IT!! I […]

Join the BCJ Facebook “Tribe” Family

The Backcountry Journeys’ Tribe Facebook page is free! And, its pretty fun, too. Not to mention it can be entertaining, educational, and just a bunch of what you’re looking for in a Facebook Group Page dedicated to folks who love photography and travel. It’s one big happy family of traveling photographers just like you. Come see […]

Top Ten Reasons to Visit Kauai 

Kauai is magical in its diversity. It is the epitome of paradise. Island dreams come true each and every day for those who visit. Landscape photographers, like us, revel in its dynamic seascapes, sprawling landscapes, signature waterfalls, and more. Backcountry Journeys invites you to visit “The Garden Isle” with us to enjoy seven days emersed in […]

Fun Leaks from Canon

A leaked image of the full EOS R lineup, set to release from Canon in early July, has been making the rounds across internet sites here in the past few days.  Excitement is building, and rightfully so! Word on the street is that all of the following products, two camera bodies, as well as six […]

Sony Shooters: Tamron 28-200mm f/2.8-5.6

Tamron announced this week a new zoom lens compatible with Sony E-Mount full-frame mirrorless. The Tamron 28-200mm f/2.8-5.6 Di III RXD lens will be the first all-in-one-zoom to achieve a maximum aperture of F2.8 at the wide-angle end. The folks at Tamron are especially excited for this release, saying, in a press release, the lens […]

Northern Lights: The Angelic View of Night

Almost no picture or words can accurately describe the feeling one receives when witnessing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) for the first time.  As the lights swoon across the dark, cold, night sky of Alaska, chills run down spines, hairs on arms seemingly stand at attention almost as if they, too, are desirous of a […]

2022 Photo Trip Schedule

We’re only halfway through the year 2020 and it has surely been one unlike any other we can recall. Time sure does have a way of marching on, and so do we. While we’ve yet to get back out into the field for any of our planned summer Backcountry Journeys Photography Tours & Workshops, excitement […]

Open Enrollment Begins Monday

Adobe Photoshop is without a doubt the most powerful post-processing tool for nature photographers. With that power, however, comes complexity. It’s just not all that intuitive, even compared to other post-processing software options. And this scares folks away. It shouldn’t, though. Don’t let it. It’s your choice to grab this tool and make it work for […]

Range of Light: The Most Divinely Beautiful

I am often asked while out on photography tours which Backcountry Journeys tour I like best.  Tough question, no doubt. It’s a similar query to, “Which of your kids is your favorite?”  Well, maybe not. I don’t have kids, so I couldn’t know how that question would make me feel, less have an answer. But, […]

Orientation Times

Today we announce a small change to our amazing Backcountry Journeys Photography Tours and Workshops. This change will help to provide across-the-board uniformity (with two exceptions), and also should result in earlier evening on your likely already long day traveling. Not a bad thing when you think about the typically extremely early start-times the following […]

Nikon & Canon Rumors and News

Nikon It looks as if we are close to a release of what should be two new “entry-level” Z-mount mirrorless cameras from Nikon, according to a report from Nikon Rumors.  This rumor stems from Nikon having recently registered two new cameras, known as N1929 and N1932, with a Russian certification authority. Typically, according to Nikon […]

Travel in 2020: What We Are Doing

As we continue to navigate the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, we at Backcountry Journeys (BCJ) understand the decision about when to begin traveling again is a personal one. We write today to encourage all of our guests to carefully consider for themselves when that time might be right.   We want you to know that what matters […]

Exposure Bracketing in Landscape Photography

If you’ve spent a great deal of time photographing landscapes, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of being in the ‘perfect location,’ watching a seemingly “perfect” sunset, right before your eyes as you struggle to photograph it correctly.  It can happen in certain lighting situations, and if you’ve been in one you’re familiar with the process. […]