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Take Sharp Photos Even When It is WINDY!

Later this week, Matt Meisenheimer and I are headed to Southern Utah to lead Backcountry Journeys’ Canyons of Utah: Zion & Bryce photography tours. Matt will be there for the first, I will be leading both.   Zion and Bryce are certainly two of the more interesting photographic locations anywhere, and I am eagerly anticipating getting […]

What Our Guests are Saying (So Far) in 2021…

Things are starting to happen, again. Slowly, sure. But steadily, as a country, we seem to be progressing and Backcountry Journeys Photography Tours, Workshops & Safaris are beginning to run in earnest once again.  We’re getting back to traveling, and we’re loving it! And so far, so good.  We’re still maintaining safety precautions developed during […]

Marine Wildlife of Alaska: Kenai Fjords

The famous naturalist John Muir once wrote: “you should never go to Alaska as a young (person) because you’ll never be satisfied with any other place as long as you live.” Is it possible to agree and to disagree with a single statement such as this one? It is true that there is no place […]

Nikon Z9 Mirrorless Body Introduced

Nikon likely turned some heads following the recent introduction of its Z9 mirrorless camera body. Have you heard the news yet? While there isn’t much official information out as of yet, Nikon said in a press release that this camera body will represent a significant leap in technology and performance. Referring to the new body […]

New Trip: ‘We’re Not in Kansas Any More’ Drone Tour

Join Backcountry Journeys and Matt Meisenheimer this summer for the most thrilling and unique photography tour ever conceived!  Our latest “sky-based” photography tour will take you high above the rolling landscapes of south-central Wisconsin as we strap you to Matt Meisenheimer’s drone, offering the unique chance to make some of the finest images of Matt’s […]

Oldest and Largest: The Bison of Yellowstone

There is perhaps nothing more representative of the Great Plains of North America than the image of a herd of bison thundering across a vast expanse of grassland. Millions of these massive creatures, known so well for their enormous heads and long shaggy brown coats, historically ranged across the continent from the Appalachians to the […]

New Departure Dates: Ultimate Botswana Wildlife Safari & Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda

New departure dates have been added to our calendar, and are now bookable, for two separate 2021 Backcountry Journeys’ photography trips to Africa!  Reserve your spot today for our Ultimate Botswana Wildlife Safari and/or Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda photography trips. Both trips are set for November 2021 and have limited space available (especially Mountain Gorillas […]

Upcoming BCJ Photography Tours: Availability

Only a few coveted spots remain on a handful of fast-approaching Backcountry Journeys photography tours. If you are feeling optimistic about getting out and about this spring and summer, and want to travel and learn photography with Backcountry Journeys, the time is now for you to book a spot on the tour of your choice!  […]

New Trip(s): Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula & Interior Alaska, Denali & Prince William Sound

Today, Backcountry Journeys announces two new trips: Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, and Interior Alaska, as well as Denali & Prince William Sound. These two Alaska-based photography tour itineraries will redefine what it is to be a photography tour. There simply are no trip itineraries anywhere out there that will give you a more complete Alaskan experience. […]

Join the BCJ Facebook “Tribe” Family

Have you heard the rumors? The official Backcountry Journeys’ Tribe Facebook page is free. And, it’s pretty fun, too. Not to mention it can be entertaining, educational, and just a bunch of what you’re looking for in a Facebook Group Page dedicated to folks who love nature photography and travel. It’s one big happy family […]

Wild Goose Island, Glacier National Park

‘A Montana Legend’ -As retold by S.E. Schlosser “In the middle of St. Mary Lake in Glacier National Park is a small island halfway between two shores. Many moons ago now, there were two tribes living on either side of the lake. While there was no direct warfare between them, the two tribes avoided one […]

Follow the Path of Zion’s Past

On Oct 7th, 1919, a telegram arrived at Mammoth Hot Springs, at Yellowstone National Park, addressed to Horace Albright, who would eventually become the second Director of the new National Park Service. The telegram read: “Congress today passed Senator Smoot’s bill making Little Zion a National Park. Congratulations.”  In autumn of 1919, with the stroke […]