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Reasons to Photograph in your own ‘Backyard’

Why not? Ok, ‘why not’ won’t be tallied as an official reason to photograph in your own backyard, but seriously, why not? Especially now as landscapes in many locations are brushed by the aesthetics of winter, critters are/and will become more active, and many of us are limiting our interactions with the world as we continue […]

Travel Survey

Backcountry Journeys is looking for the kind of help we feel that only you, our wonderful guests, can provide. In an effort to get a better read on the current prevailing attitude folks have towards travel, we have created a short, and easy-to-complete survey. We’re interested in what you have to say, and are humbly […]

Using Light to Create Emotion in Landscape Photography

This week I find myself in Bellingham, Washington on a mostly business, partly pleasure visit. Simply dazzling here! Incredible! Breathtaking! Fill-in-the-blank with your own superlatives.  The Pacific Northwest is quite a bit different than where I live, in Flagstaff, Arizona, so I’ve jumped at every chance I’ve had to photograph the area. So far I’ve […]

Yellowstone’s Grand Prismatic

With temperatures that are so hot if touched by a human hand skin would melt right off the bone, it’s hard to imagine it also being one of America’s geologic and visual treasures. But it is! First noted by early 1800’s European trappers (obviously discovered much earlier by Native Americans) as a “boiling lake with […]

New Departures: Olympic National Park

New departure dates for Backcountry Journeys’ extremely popular Olympic National Park photography tour are now available and ready to be booked! This great park encompasses nearly one million acres and is home to a diverse range of landscapes – temperate rainforests, rugged coastline, and alpine glaciated mountains. The furthest reaches of the park are only […]

Canon’s EOS R5 is So Hot Right Now

Do you have yours, yet? Still waiting in line? The Canon R5 is so hot right now, in fact, according to a published report by MapCamera, one of Japan’s leading camera retailers, it tops their list of new camera sales as the number one seller in December 2020.  This camera is literally ‘on fire’ right […]

Tips for Photographing in Winter

Winter can be an outstanding time of year for photography. The landscapes can be aesthetically pleasing, offering more options to be had, and ideas to come up with across a scene for both landscape and wildlife photography. In fact, Backcountry Journeys just so happens to really love winter! Our typical winter season will have us […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! (well, tomorrow it will be, anyway) I will admit, writing this letter began as a challenge. Typically, a New Years’ letter written to friends is a pretty easy thing to pull off. “Happy New Year, best of luck in the coming year, all the best on any resolutions you make,” will usually […]

Raising a Toast to Matt Meisenheimer

It must be “promotion season” here at Backcountry Journeys because we have another one to announce today!  To be fair, this promotion took place a while back and went a bit ‘under the radar,’ to say the least (read: I failed to write this post in a timely fashion). That changes today as we raise […]

Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends, We write today to wish you, and yours, a very Merry Christmas. Hanukkah Sameach to our Jewish friends, and may peace, love, and unity bring a happy Kwanzaa to all who celebrate.  This time of year is truly a festival of love, warmth, and sharing. We do hope this letter finds you all […]

Congratulations, Jillian!!

Backcountry Journeys is making “news” again, as today we announce a well-deserved promotion for one of our own.  Beginning this week, Jillian Swalwell will be Backcountry Journeys’ new Operations Manager! Everyone here is super thrilled for Jillian, and are anxious to see all that she’ll bring to the proverbial ‘table’ in this new role.   Most […]

Photographing Mesa Arch 

The alarm you set – what feels like ten minutes ago –  is sounding off, meaning that it’s time to get up. What have you gotten yourself into with this, you think. “Am I really waking up right now? At this hour? What is it, 3:30 a.m.?”  On this particular morning, it is something like 3:30 […]