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Northern Exposures: Wind, Sea & Byways of Alaska

Some things, unless we’ve seen them with our own two eyes, are just too big for our brains to comprehend. The Ocean? Space? The Grand Canyon? Twenty-nine million Texans are shouting “TEXAS, BABY!!”  Well, one of these ‘big’ things is a place found way up north. A place whose borders and vast expanse of inspiration […]

Trip Report: Brown Bears of Katmai in Fall (camper II & III) – September 2021

September is annually dubbed “Bear Mania” at Backcountry Journeys. We love September, and we love to take adventurous photographers along for the ‘ride’ that is the quirky, and awesome, Brooks Camp, at Katmai National Park.   “Quirky” might sound at first like an odd way to describe a place with the highest concentration of Brown bears […]

O-Why-Hee (Hawaii)… O-Yes-Please!

Who isn’t enchanted by the Hawaiian Islands? Drawn by a location renowned for rugged cliffs that fall off into the sea. By waterfalls, lush tropical foliage, sandy beaches, and spectacular sunsets. Hawaii is an unrivaled expression of the power of nature.   Visitors here have the opportunity to experience the sunrise on a warm Pacific […]

Happy Thanksgiving  

Following a “different” 2020 Holiday season, we once again are coming together today, joining our families and friends in a usual tradition of giving thanks. This can certainly look different for different folks whether you are gathering today with family, maybe with a group of friends. Perhaps you are working, as so many across this […]

Magic & Allure in a Place Called “Death”

The extremes of Death Valley National Park are what tend to define it. Ask anyone about the place and you’re likely to hear first all about the heat, and the below-sea-level elevations. Heck, that might be all you’ll hear about. Maybe they’ll add that DV is a vast desert where nothing lives because it’s too […]

Brazil’s Best Kept Secret

National Geographic refers to the Pantanal as “Brazil’s Best Kept Secret” due in large part to its relatively unknown bounty in terms of wildlife diversity.  This region in south-central Brazil covers roughly 75,000 square miles of sprawling wetland and is home to 3,500 known plant species, 9,000 invertebrate species, 325 fish species, 53 amphibian species, […]

2022: Year of the International Trip

Will 2022 be the year for scratching our travel itch internationally? Backcountry Journeys has high hopes that it will indeed be a bounceback year, and is positioning ourselves for a year full of wonderment and curiosity towards new people, places, cultures, customs, and critters. And, being photographers driven by a desire to connect with the […]

Happy (Almost) Birthday, Sweet Russell

“Keep on Keepin’ on.”  For Backcountry Journeys “Guide Extraordinaire,” Russell Graves, these words of wisdom hold much more meaning than just a simple quote from the legendary, Joe Dirt. They are a mantra. Gas in the proverbial ‘tank’ of life. And as Graves is set to get yet another year older on Sunday (we won’t […]

Step-Up Rings?

If you joined Backcountry Journeys for our recent webinar where we introduced the brand-new and exciting Vermont Fall Colors trip itinerary, you may have noticed when we recommended an unheralded piece of gear, one some might not even known existed. Step-up rings can be a quick and (can be) inexpensive solution to a common problem, […]

Photographing Mesa Arch 

The alarm you set – what feels like ten minutes ago –  is sounding off, meaning that it’s time to get up. What have you gotten yourself into with this, you think. “Am I really waking up right now? At this hour? What is it, 3:30 a.m.?”  On this particular morning, it is something like 3:30 […]

‘Ansel’ of the Appalachian Mountains

We will likely never know the full life story of George Masa, yet his contributions in the 1920’s proved critically influential to the development and conservation of Great Smoky Mountain National Park. ‘Masa’ is a name that should be well-known, and not soon forgotten to those who love the natural world and our nation’s parks.  […]

Introducing Grant Ordelheide

Backcountry Journeys is pleased to announce today the latest addition to our growing collection of Photo Guides. Please help us welcome Grant Ordelheide, a Montana-based outdoor and adventure photographer with loads of experience with everything we ask our photo guides to be; photographers, instructors, guides, and lovers of the natural world.   His photographs have been […]