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Happy (Almost) Birthday, Sweet Russell

“Keep on Keepin’ on.”  For Backcountry Journeys “Guide Extraordinaire,” Russell Graves, these words of wisdom hold much more meaning than just a simple quote from the legendary, Joe Dirt. They are a mantra. Gas in the proverbial ‘tank’ of life. And as Graves is set to get yet another year older on Sunday (we won’t […]

Step-Up Rings?

If you joined Backcountry Journeys for our recent webinar where we introduced the brand-new and exciting Vermont Fall Colors trip itinerary, you may have noticed when we recommended an unheralded piece of gear, one some might not even known existed. Step-up rings can be a quick and (can be) inexpensive solution to a common problem, […]

Photographing Mesa Arch 

The alarm you set – what feels like ten minutes ago –  is sounding off, meaning that it’s time to get up. What have you gotten yourself into with this, you think. “Am I really waking up right now? At this hour? What is it, 3:30 a.m.?”  On this particular morning, it is something like 3:30 […]

‘Ansel’ of the Appalachian Mountains

We will likely never know the full life story of George Masa, yet his contributions in the 1920’s proved critically influential to the development and conservation of Great Smoky Mountain National Park. ‘Masa’ is a name that should be well-known, and not soon forgotten to those who love the natural world and our nation’s parks.  […]

Introducing Grant Ordelheide

Backcountry Journeys is pleased to announce today the latest addition to our growing collection of Photo Guides. Please help us welcome Grant Ordelheide, a Montana-based outdoor and adventure photographer with loads of experience with everything we ask our photo guides to be; photographers, instructors, guides, and lovers of the natural world.   His photographs have been […]

The Enchanting Northern Lights

We call them the Northern Lights. These lights of the northern hemisphere, or, the ‘dawn of the north,’ enchant us all. Some see images of the lights and wish for a chance to catch a glimpse ‘one day.’ Others are lured to the various outpost bailiwicks where the lights become visible in a tidal wave-like storm […]

How-To: Photographing Lightning

What is more electrifying (pun intended) for a landscape photographer than a chance to shoot a storm filled with lightning?  A lot of adrenaline comes with photographing storms, and rightfully so. For starters, storms and lightning are unpredictable so there is a “thrill of the hunt” factor. It also can be a dangerous activity, as […]

Lightning Photography: Playing it Safe

Each year the summer monsoon brings with it the return of moisture to the thirst-starved sprawling landscape and rocky canyons of the desert southwest. During this time photogenic thunderstorms abound as they pop up across the region, firing off localized sheets of rain, thunder and lightning! Each day towering cumulus clouds build, eventually bursting, sending […]

A Kootenai Grizzly Story 

Evidence exists in the Glacier National Park region suggesting humans have lived in the area for over 10,000 years.  By the time the first European explorers arrived, in the early 1800s, several native tribes inhabited the area. While the Blackfeet controlled the vast prairies east of the mountains, the Salish and Kootenai lived and hunted […]

Introducing Trevor LaClair

Things here at Backcountry Journeys are back in full-swing, and following a period of time navigating COVID, it feels great to report that we feel as though we’re busier than ever before! As such, it really quickly became evident we would need more hands on deck. We’ll be introducing a handful of new folks here […]

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day from all of us at Backcountry Journeys! Each 4th of July, Americans come together as just that – Americans. We unite to celebrate the birth of our nation, generally with picnics, parades, flags, music, fireworks and more!  But, did you know this style of celebration is not all that different than how […]

Photographing Bears the Safe Way

Ask a person what comes to their mind first when they think about photographing giant brown bears in the Alaskan wilderness, and chances are they’ll say something close to: “Uh, not getting eaten!!” It is a relatively good thing to have a healthy case of fear, or maybe it is better referred to as “respect.” […]