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Tomorrow! Adobe Lightroom: Beginner to Expert

Be sure to get registered for this weekend’s Adobe Lightroom: Beginner to Expert  (at-home) classroom workshop. This comprehensive course – designed by Backcountry Journeys – will cover the Library and Develop Modules of Lightroom Classic CC from A to Z. This fun and easy to follow presentation will certainly take your photography to the next […]

Why Did you Choose the Gear you Chose?

I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark IV, and I’ll never change to anything else.  But, how did I make this (huge) decision?  Having been a Nikon shooter in the past, when the time came to make a big step up, with regard to gear, I went with Canon for a very simple reason -I […]

Botswana: A Tale of Two Seasons

Botswana remains one of the prize locations on the continent of Africa for wildlife photography. Here lion, leopard, zebra, giraffe and vast herds of African elephant roam wildly across the vast expansive plains.  Botswana is likely marked “MUST” on nearly every wildlife photographers’ bucket list, and with good reason! Exceptional photography awaits visitors to Botswana, […]

Understanding the Exposure Triangle

A lot goes into creating a quality image. It’s more than simply having an expensive camera. There are particular skills and techniques that can help a photographer get the most out of his/her camera. We thought a discussion on the exposure triangle would be a useful exercise for this blog, as it is arguably one […]

We Appreciate You, Jillian

When folks call and email Backcountry Journeys, it is more than likely they’ll be exchanging pleasantries with the fabulous Jillian Swalwell.  For a bit over a year, Jillian has been Backcountry Journeys’ “Photo Adventure Specialist,” which means that she is the frontline person for all things customer service at BCJ.  As the first person a […]

Backcountry Journeys Pledges Carbon Negative

Backcountry Journeys began the year by announcing our commitment towards becoming Carbon Neutral with our business.  What this meant was that Backcountry Journeys would invest dollars into Offset Programs that work to reduce carbon emissions. The amount invested would equal the amount calculated to be released as a result of our business practices, thus making […]

Introducing Rayna Steffen

We have another new hire announcement to make, and while we are all very happy to have Rayna Steffen on board, perhaps no one is more thrilled than Crystal Nordstrand.  Rayna will be filling the role of Logistics Assistant, where she’ll be assisting Crystal, to help take care of the essential “behind-the-scenes” details that make […]

New Departure: Ultimate Northern Lights

Additional departure dates have been added to Backcountry Journeys’ tour schedule for our popular Ultimate Northern Lights photography workshop. Spots on our original trip dates in October have filled up faster than normal, so we’ve decided to open up new departure dates so that more folks can join in on the fun in Fairbanks! Join […]

Alaska Northern Lights

When in Alaska, stay longer. Backcountry Journeys has a number of photo tour itineraries that take us to Alaska, which is a pretty darn far off place for most of us to reach. Exciting visits to see and photograph the Brown bears of Katmai National Park, as well as the Polar bears way up near […]

Happy Birthday, Ansel Adams

“Chance favoring the prepared mind.” Ansel Adams said these words when he described what happened on a particular evening in 1941 as he was driving across northern New Mexico with his son when the setting sun hit just right. It was in this fleeting moment when Adams made one of his most famous images: Moonrise, […]

New Trip: Kauai: The Garden Isle 

Hawaii is too good for only a single Backcountry Journeys Photography Tour Itinerary, don’t you think?  We agree. So, today we announce a brand new Landscape Photo Tour out of Hawaii, this one taking us to the island of Kauai!  Book your trip today, and thank us later, as this fabulous trip is going to […]

We Appreciate You, Crystal 

A great deal of organization and detail goes into the success of each and every Backcountry Journeys Photography Tour.  One can likely guess a few of these top checklist items. Deciding where to go, creating a trip itinerary that is the perfect blend of iconic scenes and lesser-known locations, as well as designing and implementing […]

Yosemite’s Firefall

“Hello, Glacier Point!” “Hello, Camp Curry!” “Is the fire ready?” “The fire is ready!” “Let the Fire Fall!” “The Fire Falls!” From 1872 to 1968 those words were utilized ceremonially to usher in one of Yosemite National Park’s most famous spectacles: The Yosemite Firefall. The invention, pride, and joy of James McCauley, the owner of […]

The Big Five of Africa 

Africa is a vast continent complete with the kind of natural wonders that photographers will find no place else on earth.  The biodiversity of wildlife here is incredible with an overwhelming array of mammal and bird species that help to give the African continent it’s identity. It is here where lions, leopards, zebras, giraffe and […]

Brooks Lodge Dates are Official

After a hard-won effort to secure reservations, dates are now official for Backcountry Journeys’ Brown Bears of Katmai: Brooks Lodge 2021 tours. We’re always excited about the opportunity to spend a few days with the Brown bears who call Katmai, and Brooks Falls, home. Those of you who have been there already know that this […]