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A Call To Your Wild: Yellowstone in Winter

Yellowstone calls out on silent, frigid winter nights. Do you hear it? Does it give you chills? Its message is carried through the dark forests of lodgepole pine by the whips and whistles of icy wind. And on some nights, even from the comfort of a fireplace warmed lodge, the howl of a lone wolf […]

Exposure Bracketing in Landscape Photography

If you’ve spent a great deal of time photographing landscapes, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of being in the ‘perfect location,’ watching a seemingly “perfect” sunset, right before your eyes as you struggle to photograph it correctly.  It can happen in certain lighting situations, and if you’ve been in one you’re familiar with the process. […]

Sony Shooters: Coming Soon from Tamron 

More camera lens news as we move into June, and what is sure to be an interesting summer. Sony shooters, listen up this one is for you! A fun new teaser video was recently released from Tamron, indicating a new full-frame Sony E-Mount lens, but not much more. The lineup already includes six full-frame Sony lenses. […]

Panasonic Announces Lumix S 20-60mm f/3.5-5.6

Panasonic announced recently a new and versatile zoom lens for its L-mount system. The Lumix S 20-60mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, based on the L-Mount system for the LUMIX S Series Full-frame DSLR camera, is promising “uniform image quality from the center to edges of the image,” with a minimum focus distance of just 5.9 inches, maximum […]

Subscribe to the BCJ YouTube Channel  

Backcountry Journeys is now on YouTube, and we hope that you’re so excited by this announcement that you’ll immediately head over to YouTube and subscribe to our channel. If you do, you’ll have access to all of the exciting and educational video content there now, and be first in line to know about all future […]

Next-Gen Rear-Mount Filter System from Aurora Aperture

Aurora Aperture Inc. has introduced a next-generation rear mount filter system that promises to successfully solve a common problem from ultra-wide-angle lens users.  The solution seems simple enough. Put the lens filter on the backside of bulbous ultra-wide-angle lenses lacking a front filter thread. Users of these style lenses would normally have to use either […]

Looking Forward

While it is not yet ‘business as usual’ at Backcountry Journeys, we are still looking ahead and getting ready so that when the time is right, we will be here to travel with you to our country’s National Parks and other incredible locations around the world. At this time, Backcountry Journeys has suspended all Tours […]

Back Button Focus

Back button focus is one of those photography topics that can quickly garner a plethora of opinions. Many top-level wildlife and sports photographers swear by it. Some have tried it, yet weren’t convinced enough to change.  Whether you like back button focus, or not, is completely up to you the user. Yet, if this is […]

Nikon D6 Has a New Ship Date Following Delay

Nikon’s highly anticipated flagship sports/wildlife D6 DSLR will begin shipping to customers on May 21st.  Exciting news following a short delay due to the coronavirus pandemic. You might recall this camera being unveiled in February. BCJ’s Matt Meisenheimer wrote about the release at that time, discussing the big updates involved.  Back in February, when announced, […]

Sony a7SIII: Let the Rumor Mill Spin

Rumors running rampant around photography circles are gaining traction that a long-awaited new full-frame mirrorless model from … you guessed it, Sony, will be announced in the coming months.   According to reports on PetaPixel, and Sony Alpha Rumors, “trusted sources,” are saying the heir to the Sony a7SII will be announced in late June, with […]

Bridging the Gap: The Trade-Offs of Bridge Cameras

The other day I asked a pro photographer friend what he thought about bridge cameras.  “What the heck is a bridge camera,” he asked, perplexed.   Ok, ok, so maybe bridge cameras aren’t on his radar because bridge cameras are not generally viewed as professional cameras. Fair enough. Yet, at the same time, there certainly are […]

Catching up with Russell Graves

Recently, we caught up with Backcountry Journeys guide Russell Graves to talk about his latest project, The Big Book of Wildlife & Nature Photography, and get his thoughts on the book and other stuff going on with him. You may have joined Russ and Russell a few weeks back for the official Launch Webinar. We […]

Creating Starbursts in Landscape Images

Starbursts are magical, aren’t they? We’ve all seen them in landscape photographs. And many of you reading this likely understand the concepts behind creating these aesthetically pleasing additions to our landscape images.   But, for those of you wondering, “how do I do that,” well, keep reading because we’re going to tell you how they can […]

The Orton Effect

It is quite likely that you have seen the Orton Effect applied in nature photographs, whether you are aware of it or not. The addition of a glow, dream-like effect, which is added in post-processing, has taken the landscape and nature photography world by storm.  In this article, we’ll take a look at the history […]