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Canon’s Huge Splash in the Mirrorless Market

It’s hard to believe that we’re only two short years removed from Canon first announcing the EOS R, their first professional-grade mirrorless camera, set up to directly compete with Sony’s impressive offering at the time.  Fast forward to 2020 and Canon is transforming the mirrorless market. I’m a Nikon guy and I’m perfectly happy with […]

Backcountry Journeys: Who We Are & What We Do

Founded by acclaimed photographer and wilderness guide Russ Nordstrand, Backcountry Journeys has always had a focused mission – to provide the best nature photography workshop experience.  Several years back, Russ, along with his wife, Crystal, launched a small sampling of photo tour locations at Backcountry Journeys. Fast forward to 2020, and Backcountry Journeys now boasts […]

Using Back Button Focus in Wildlife Photography

Finding tack-sharp focus is one of the most important components of wildlife photography, if not the most important. Wildlife often moves rapidly and requires photographers to shoot at wide-open apertures with a narrow depth of field. This means that not only can finding focus be challenging, but it can make or break an image. If […]

Top Reasons to Visit Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks

When it comes to landscape photography, I consider the two best areas in the country to be the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest. Both areas offer spectacular sights, but what makes them special is the diversity in landscapes that they offer.  Each winter, spring, and fall, Backcountry Journeys hosts our popular Canyons of Utah: Zion […]

The New Sony A7c: Smallest & Lightest 

Last week, we hinted that Sony was preparing for a new camera release, as Sony themselves hyped up the release noting that this new camera body would be a gamechanger.  After the official announcement on September 14th, we now know that camera is the Sony a7C. Sony says the ‘Alpha 7C is the world’s smallest […]

Backcountry Journeys Awarded ‘Safe Travels’ Stamp from the World Travel & Tourism Council

This week Backcountry Journeys will run its first photography tour since COVID-19 sent the globe to a screeching halt back in March. As we do so we are proud to announce that BCJ has received the official ‘Safe Travels’ stamp, and certification, from the World Travel & Tourism Council. What exactly does this mean? To […]

Ten Lightroom CC Tips for Nature Photographers

Lightroom CC is one of Backcountry Journeys photographers’ favorite tools for organizing and processing photos. It’s a do-it-all app that’s intuitive and feature-rich. Our instructional video course on Lightroom CC is also one of our most popular. It’s the only course on Lightroom CC that you’ll ever need.  There are a lot of things that Lightroom […]

Tack-Sharp Nature Photos: Ten Tips

Getting sharp photos is a crucial aspect of photography. If a photo is blurry, out of focus, or simply not sharp, then it’s not a good photo. One you will most likely end up dragging to your computer’s Recycle Bin. In my mind, the two things that are essential for a high-quality image are sharpness […]

Using Range Masks in Lightroom

Over the past two years, Lightroom Classic has experienced some great improvements. With competition popping up from Skylum’s Luminar, ON1, and Capture One, Adobe has been forced to ensure they are offering the best product possible because the alternatives are becoming very good. I think Lightroom Classic is still the best option for RAW processing […]

Why You SHOULD Be Using the Histogram

Overview The Histogram is one of the most important tools when it comes to crafting the perfect exposure, yet it is sometimes overlooked by photographers. This is mainly due to either a lack of understanding or just plain not knowing this thing called a Histogram exists. In my opinion, understanding the histogram and the exposure […]