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Sony A7 IV Release

Sony just announced the A7 IV, one of the most anticipated cameras of the year. The A7 IV was expected earlier this summer, but shortages pushed it back. There was a point where some were unsure if we’d see the A7 IV release in 2021. But, alas, the A7 IV is here and expected to […]

Reasons Why I Re-visit Zion & Bryce Canyon

When it comes to landscape photography, I consider the two best areas in the country to be the Pacific Northwest and the desert Southwest. Both areas offer spectacular sights, but what makes them special is the diversity in landscapes that they offer. Especially in autumn! The spectacular sights and scenes here bring me back over […]

New Announcement: Canon EOS R3

The new Canon EOS R3 is finally here! Canon has slowly leaked specifications since revealing its development, but now we know specifics. It is a very exciting camera for Canon wildlife photographers. Although it lacks the ‘R1’ moniker, all signs point to the R3 as being a flagship model – it’s likely a higher resolution […]

Going Mirrorless? What is the Best System?

So, you’re going mirrorless? Awesome, I think it’s a great idea. The best new cameras we see today are all mirrorless, and mirrorless is definitely the way the industry is trending.  In general, mirrorless cameras are smaller than traditional DSLRs and the newest mirrorless glass tends to be much better. It seems like going mirrorless […]

Aperture Priority for Wildlife Photography?

Today, I make the case for Aperture Priority as the best shooting mode to use for wildlife photography.  Shooting modes are definitely subjective – the ‘best’ mode can vary and depends on the shooting scenario. Modes are just a tool for capturing the best exposure. For some, they feel most comfortable using Manual mode, others […]

Tips for Shooting Handheld

‘Do I need a tripod?’ It’s a question we get asked at least once during every workshop. It’s not a bad question, but I also think it’s more subjective than it seems. Tripods are frustrating, I’ll admit it. They’re just another piece of gear that you have to carry and take time to setup – […]

The Best Website Options for Nature Photographers

Building your first website to showcase your portfolio? Or maybe you’re on your third iteration. Either way, putting together a website for your photography can be a hair-pulling, time consuming, and overall frustrating experience. Trust me. I’ve been there. I’m here to make things a bit easier though, or at least help you navigate through […]

Shot Breakdown: Yosemite National Park

Guide Ben Blankenship shares a shot breakdown on how he captured one of his images from Valley View in Yosemite National Park. Ben breaks down his composition, the exposure bracketing techniques he used, and the focus stacking techniques. Ben takes advanced in-field techniques and presents them in a simple manner – you’ll see it’s not […]

Olympic National Park | Landscape Photography

Olympic National Park is one of the most diverse protected areas in the world. Measuring in at one million acres, Olympic’s borders go from the wild, rugged coastline of the Pacific up to the glaciated mountains of the Olympic Range. In between rests some of the most in-tact old growth temperate rainforests in the world. […]

Best Nature Photography Setup for Major Systems

Looking for the best complete nature photography setup for each of the major camera systems (Canon, Sony, and Nikon)? We’ve got you covered in this article.  You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘holy trinity’ mentioned during the discussion of camera lenses and systems. The ‘holy trinity’ simply refers to a group of three lenses that offer […]