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Tack-Sharp Nature Photos: Ten Tips

Getting sharp photos is a crucial aspect of photography. If a photo is blurry, out of focus, or simply not sharp, then it’s not a good photo. One you will most likely end up dragging to your computer’s Recycle Bin. In my mind, the two things that are essential for a high-quality image are sharpness […]

Using Range Masks in Lightroom

Over the past two years, Lightroom Classic has experienced some great improvements. With competition popping up from Skylum’s Luminar, ON1, and Capture One, Adobe has been forced to ensure they are offering the best product possible because the alternatives are becoming very good. I think Lightroom Classic is still the best option for RAW processing […]

Why You SHOUD Be Using the Histogram

Overview The Histogram is one of the most important tools when it comes to crafting the perfect exposure, yet it is sometimes overlooked by photographers. This is mainly due to either a lack of understanding or just plain not knowing this thing called a Histogram exists. In my opinion, understanding the histogram and the exposure […]

Major Update to Photoshop & Lightroom – June 2020

This June, Adobe released a major update for its suite of photography applications. Lightroom (Classic & Mobile) and Photoshop both underwent changes and improvements. In general, Adobe releases a ‘major’ update with new features/sliders every 6 months or so. The last big update came in January and brought us the ‘Range Mask’ feature in Lightroom […]

Avoid These ‘Easy-to-Avoid’ Beginner Mistakes

We were all beginners at some point. Many of us still are. The journey into nature photography is a learning process in itself, as well as a creative process. I have worked with many photographers of all skill types during my time leading Backcountry Journeys Photography Tours & Workshops, and I tend to see beginner […]

Advanced Tips on Composition

As a landscape photographer, composition is everything. It is the glue that holds our photos together and it is what separates a great shot from a mediocre shot. Our compositions tell a story. They are our artistic expression of the natural world. But what exactly is composition? This is a constant conversation among photographers, but […]

Canon EOS R5: Most Exciting Release for 2020?

For those of you who follow the blog or have joined me on a Backcountry Journeys workshop, you know that I am a Nikon shooter. But, leading workshops have allowed me to use almost every popular camera from the major manufacturers. I’ve used Nikon’s mirrorless and DSLR cameras, all of Sony’s top models, and Canon […]

Top 5 Filters for Landscape Photography

Filters used to be an accessory that every photographer owned, regardless of genre and style. But the digital age rushed onto the scene rendering many filters obsolete, mainly due to the fact that many desired filter effects have become easily replicated in digital processing applications like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. However, filters that produce […]

Hit a Creative Brick Wall? Tips for Breaking out of a Rut

Creativity is an important aspect of outdoor photography. Take two photographers shooting the same exact scene as an example. The two might be equipped with different gear, they most likely will approach the scene differently in terms of composition, and each might even use different camera settings. And that’s only considering a few of the […]