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Avoid These ‘Easy-to-Avoid’ Beginner Mistakes

We were all beginners at some point. Many of us still are. The journey into nature photography is a learning process in itself, as well as a creative process. I have worked with many photographers of all skill types during my time leading Backcountry Journeys Photography Tours & Workshops, and I tend to see beginner […]

The Sony A7r IV: Is It the Best Camera Available?

It seems like this has been the year of camera releases. Since last year (around this time), some of the best cameras on the market have been released. We have seen Nikon and Canon’s first mirrorless cameras, a big Panasonic upgrade, Fujifilm’s state of the art medium format mirrorless camera, and more.  Well, last week […]

What About Camera Phones? Here are the Best

There is no denying that cell phone cameras have made a huge technological leap this past decade. They continue to get better too. So much so, that people are actually contemplating if their phone can replace their expensive mirrorless or DSLR camera. For me (and many others), cell phone cameras still have a long way […]

Advanced Tips on Composition

As a landscape photographer, composition is everything. It is the glue that holds our photos together and it is what separates a great shot from a mediocre shot. Our compositions tell a story. They are our artistic expression of the natural world. But what exactly is composition? This is a constant conversation among photographers, but […]

Top Worldwide Destinations for Wildlife Photography

This is the second part of our series documenting some of the best photography locations throughout the world. The first part focused on landscape photography spots and this article will focus on top wildlife photography spots.  Nothing is more exhilarating than seeing unique wildlife species in their natural habitat. Wildlife photographers know how much time […]

Top Worldwide Landscape Photography Destinations

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?  That’s a question that I think about a lot. There are so many beautiful locations in the world, it is hard to create a list that includes every must-see spot. I am always researching and planning my next trip, and over the years I have slowly accumulated […]

10 Wildlife Photographers You Should Be Following

Wildlife Photographers to Follow David Yarrow David Yarrow is one of my favorite wildlife photographers. He is a master of the monochrome image. I especially enjoy his wildlife portraits. He pioneered a steel housing for his camera and placed it in the field to eventually trigger it when wildlife approached. His work is in galleries […]

10 Landscape Photographers You Should be Following

One of the most important things you can do for the growth of your photography is to always be ambitious about learning new things. There isn’t a single photographer out there who don’t have room to grow his skill as a photographer or artist. I personally do this by digesting all the information I can. […]

New Lenses from Sony

Sony’s high-end mirrorless line has been wildly successful and they recently jumped Nikon for the #2 spot in market share for interchangeable lens cameras. They also have plans to invest more than $9 billion in camera sensors over the next few years. There is no question that Sony is turning into one of the biggest […]

Nikon Firmware Update for Z Series Cameras

Nikon released their second firmware update for their round of mirrorless cameras, the Z6 and Z7. The update was released on May 16, 2019, and includes a number of updates, most notable is the addition of Eye-AF. Personally, there is still much more that needs to be addressed with the Z series, but thankfully, almost […]

What’s in My Camera Pack? Secrets from a Pro

Many of us spend a lot of time traveling and visiting beautiful places around the world. It is essential that we pack light, but at the same time, ensure that we have all the accessories needed for every possible scenario. Obviously, a camera, some lenses, and a tripod should always come along on any photo […]

New Trip: Coastal Oregon & California’s Redwoods

Backcountry Journeys is excited to announce a new spring workshop to the Pacific Northwest. Beginning May 2020, we’ll be offering a lodge-based, hiker photo tour set to explore Coastal Oregon & California Redwoods. This will be one of our first workshops offered in the Pacific Northwest and it is sure to be an excellent trip […]

Adobe Creative Cloud May Update

Adobe has been in the news quite a bit the past month. We already documented how they increased the base pricing for Creative Cloud and now they are set to hit the market with a new update. The new update brings some new features and additional camera support. The May update is live right now […]