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Top Lenses for Wildlife Photography

Lens choice for wildlife photography is so important, it isn’t everything, but it’s a lot. Composition, knowledge of settings, and the actual camera body weigh heavily in the equation as well, but today we are discussing the lens choices available to wildlife photographers of all skill levels. The chase for the sharpest photos and longest […]

News: Nikon & Canon Mirrorless Update

It has been about five months since Nikon and Canon announced, and subsequently released, their new mirrorless lines. Overall, both manufacturers produced extremely good mirrorless cameras and things should only get better moving forward. Of course, each camera has received some critical feedback and each has room for improvements. However, there’s no denying all released […]

Top Laptops of 2018 for Photo Editing

Most of us love travel, and most of us love photography (hopefully!). Merging those two passions together means a lot of time on the road and a lot of time living out of a suitcase. We can’t lug our all-powerful, heavy duty desktops with beautiful monitors around all the time so we turn to the […]

Drone Photography: Top Drones of 2019

Drones have recently become extremely popular among photographers of all types. And for good reason, they are simple and fun to fly, they add a new element to your photography, and they offer a totally unique perspective. They are also relatively inexpensive for what they offer, which is basically a high quality camera and aerial […]

The “World’s First” Titanium Tripod System

In a recent blog post I discussed tripods, additionally listing potential models to consider. The topic is coming back to the forefront, though, because a new company is making serious waves on Kickstarter that are necessitating additional discussion. Colorado-based tripod company, ‘Colorado Tripod Company’ (clever, eh?), is introducing what they claim to be ‘the world’s […]

Photo Editing Monitors – How to choose?

A Guide to Monitors for Photography Whether you’re a professional photographer, an avid hobbyist, or just a beginner, a quality monitor is a crucial part of your photography setup. All of us love being the field and experiencing the challenges of getting shot. We love finding that perfect composition, we love enduring the conditions to […]

Holiday Buying Guide – Camera Bodies

The holiday season is in full swing and there’s no time better to upgrade your gear, whether it be a camera or lens. There’s also not a better time to be in the market for new gear. Camera technology has taken a huge step forward in the last few years, which gives us consumers access […]

Pixel Shift – What Is It and Why You Should Try It

With new innovations in camera technology and design, cameras are starting to see some really useful features arise. Some notables are focus peaking, in-camera focus bracketing, and the one I’d like to discuss today, pixel shifting. Right now, only a handful of cameras have the ‘Pixel Shift’ feature built-in. I’ve experimented with the Pixel Shift […]

Nikon’s new 500mm 5.6 PF

When it comes to the ‘best’ lenses for wildlife photography, the build and image quality of super telephoto primes is unsurpassed.   All of us have seen (and probably been envious of) those monster 400-600mm prime lenses, they are absolutely amazing. There are downsides, however, the major ones being weight and cost. Cost will always be […]

Canon EOS R

Only a few weeks removed from Nikon’s mirrorless announcement, Canon has now made a big mirrorless announcement as well in the EOS R. Now both of the biggest players in digital photography have entered the mirrorless market. As I noted in my previous article on Nikon’s release, I think competition is great for consumers and […]