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The Beating Heart of Botswana

The vast wildernesses of Botswana are almost unimaginable to those who have yet to venture to the African continent. Sure you’ve seen it on the Discovery Channel, you’ve read the books, and probably even scoured the Backcountry Journeys blog for images & photographs of what this experience could possibly be like. But to go from […]

IBIS: Understanding Image Stabilization

You’ve likely heard the term ‘IBIS,’ or have heard about image stabilization with regard to cameras, especially these days as manufacturers continue to innovate, and even market with image stabilization as a selling point. But, what exactly are these things? Do you need ‘IBIS?’ What is IBIS? IBIS stands for ‘In-Body Image Stabilization,’ and refers […]

Join Me in Africa Next Year!

Africa is a continent unlike any other. For photographers like us, an African ‘safari’ means an incredible journey to a vast landscape in a wildly intense environment with seemingly non-stop wildlife action.  Some of you may know this already, but ‘Safari’ is a Swahili word that translates to “journey.” Imagine for a moment, being on […]

What Exactly is Backcountry Journeys Learn?

You may have seen recently that we introduced our new online photography education platform Backcountry Journeys Learn. What is Backcountry Journeys Learn?Learn is a labor of love that is all things photography education. Currently we have several courses mostly centered around Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop post-processing that we’ve run as both live webinar sessions as well […]

Local Eco-Tourism Support Fund

As the travel industry has all but grinded to a halt, local people who rely on the income brought by groups such as Backcountry Journeys are starting to suffer. Both inside and outside the United States not everyone has access to government support during this global crisis. Economic Relief such as extra unemployment or Paycheck […]

Backcountry Journeys Learn

Backcountry Journeys Learn courses take the standard video course approach to a new level. Tired of the endless parade of boring one-off videos on the web? Are you looking to further hone your image editing skills? Or maybe you are just starting out?BCJ Learn courses are designed to give you maximum value for money and […]

Just Go For A Walk…

Strange days we’re all living through right now. I think for me personally, the uncertainty is the hardest part. I’ve been in the adventure travel industry for over 20 years and we’ve never faced anything like this before. It has been challenging to say the least – but ultimately we’ll get through it. Last month we were […]

COVID-19: A Message to Our Guests

As a valued member of the Backcountry Journeys family of photographers I want to thank you for trusting us to share with you some of our favorite locations across the globe through our exciting photography tours, workshops and safaris. As a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we understand that you will likely have questions […]

1:1 Online Post Processing Sessions

It is with great excitement that Backcountry Journeys is now offering private online instruction for Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop. If you are looking to advance your post-processing skills or simply want help touching up your photos after a recent trip – our photo pros are here to help.You can now schedule 1:1 private sessions with any […]

A letter from Russ….

So what are the benefits of joining a BCJ a trip anyway? This is a question I get quite a bit – and it always takes me a minute to ponder that question. There are so many benefits and yet it’s different for everyone. My answer is usually something along the lines of – “you […]

An Exploration of Botswana

As many of you know – Crystal and I recently returned from a scouting trip to Botswana & South Africa. We spent the better part of two weeks exploring these diverse & incredible countries in search of wildlife & the perfect safari experiences for our guests. Needless to say – mission accomplished. We arrived in […]

Flying with “Big Glass”

Wildlife photographers who travel know the pain. There is so much to pack, so many details to attend to in order to make certain that you have everything you’ll need while out in the field, yet one thing consistently can create problems. Figuring out the most efficient way to pack your “big glass” for a […]