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3 Tips for Bird Photography

In this brand new video from Backcountry Journeys, Photo Guide, Russell Graves shares three great tips for bird photography. Bird photography is extremely challenging, but thinking about the type of shot you’re after before going into the field can help simplify the process. Russell breaks down three different types of photographs he’s after while photographing […]

Photographing Elusive Predators

In this video Backcountry Journeys Photo Guide, Russell Graves walks you through his process for photographing predators. When it comes to wildlife photography, capturing elusive predators can be one of the most rewarding photography experiences – and the resulting images can be some of the best in your portfolio. Within this video, Russell has his […]

Trip Report: Great Smoky Mountains in Autumn – October 2020 

I’ll admit. Every time I head to the Smoky Mountains, bluegrass music plays through the soundtrack in my head. Don’t misunderstand, though. That’s a good thing because I love bluegrass music and I love the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. The culture and the scenery are distinctively Southern Appalachia and there may be […]

The Great Smoky Mountains – A Film by Russell Graves

Take a closer look at the Great Smoky Mountains from behind the lens, and inside the heart of Backcountry Journeys photo guide, Russell Graves.               If you’ve read any Texas-based magazines over the past twenty five years chances are you’ve seen some of Russell’s photos or read some of […]

Trip Report: Ultimate Northern Lights – March 2019

Ask just about anyone who’s been there:  Alaska is a magical place. It’s magical for many reasons, but this past March Backcountry Journeys traveled to the north country to chase the aurora borealis.   Simply put, the aurora borealis, or northern lights, is a phenomenon that occurs when the earth’s magnetosphere is sufficiently disturbed by the […]