Bald Eagles of Alaska – 4K Video

With a population estimated at 30,000, or about half of the total population, Alaska boasts more bald eagles than any other location on the continent. The Bald Eagle is only found in North America, and for the most part, they call home forests that are near rivers, lakes, reservoirs, marshes and coasts. Bald Eagles are often found along Alaska’s coast and offshore islands where the highest nesting densities occur in the southern portion of the state.

Backcountry Journeys is announcing a brand-new Bald Eagles of Alaska itinerary in a special webinar next Thursday, March 3rd, and we couldn’t be more excited! Bald Eagles are undoubtably one of the most beautiful birds to observe, as you can see from this beautiful video shot by Russ Nordstrand during a previous Bald Eagles of Alaska trip. The video clips in this short are entirely hand-held and shot with the Canon R5 along with the RF 70-200m & RF 100-500mm. An impressive display of Canon’s Image Stabilization!

Our upcoming trip has a new itinerary taking us to Alaska’s Chilkat River, near Haines, Alaska. This part of the country is home to thousands of Bald Eagles during the fall offering one of the best opportunities in the world to get amazing and close-up photographs.

Register for Backcountry Journeys’ ‘Bald Eagles of Alaska’ Webinar on Thursday March 3rd at 11am Mountain, and don’t miss a beat getting on our next Eagles trip!

Video by Russ Nordstrand
Produced by Matt Meisenheimer

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