Introducing Our Frequently Asked Questions Page

Do you have questions? Well, we have answers!

We know that there are an endless amount of details for you to deal with when booking travel. Simply choosing where and when to go somewhere is only the start.

What will you do? Who will you travel with? Two more great questions for you to answer. Knowing everything you need to know, and trusting that everything will be “taken care of” prior to leaving for a trip can be stressful. There are so many questions!

We’ve all been there before and know the feeling. 

We hope that you answer the “who will I travel with” question with “Backcountry Journeys, of course!” and that you are travelling often with the intent of advancing your photography skills, technique as well as portfolio.

While we know that we’ve got all the details covered, that means very little to you unless you also are confident. Even after booking with us, you’ll surely have additional questions. Questions like, ‘how many people might be in my group?’ 




‘Who will be my guide(s)?’

BCJ Photo Guide, Ben Blankenship

Or, ‘what really is all included in the trip price?’ All excellent questions.

So, without further adieu, we’d like to introduce our brand new, Frequently Asked Questions page on the Backcountry Journeys Website. When navigating our site, find this tab by hovering on “About” across the top bar.  

We realize that no matter how clear and well-organized our website might be, you certainly might still have questions. The last thing we want is for anyone to get annoyed, or confused, having to navigate around the site looking for an answer to a seemingly simple question. Questions that many others probably have as well. So, we decided to compile a list of common questions on as many topics as we could think of, to offer a FAQ Page to give to you a central place to find the answers you seek. We want this page to solve problems, to answer questions, and to improve your booking experience with us.  

So, take a look! See if any questions you’ve had prior, or have now, are answered here. We certainly don’t expect this to answer every possible question, just those that we can anticipate being frequently asked. This FAQ Page is not intended to replace our customer service, only to enhance it. Remember, you are always welcome to contact Jillian at the Backcountry Journeys offices, as well. She is always happy to help and can be reached at (928) 478-1521, or at

We’d love to hear from you, as we’ll look to keep our questions updated constantly with information about our trips, and about our industry. Please don’t hesitate to comment below with any questions you may feel would be a nice addition to our FAQ page. We want to help you!

Kenton Krueger







Kenton Krueger grew up and spent the first 33 years of his life in the corn country of Omaha, Nebraska. After studying aviation at the University of Nebraska Omaha’s Aviation Institute, he “conned” his way into the newsroom at the award-winning Omaha World-Herald where for 3+ years he wrote and photographed news articles on a variety of topics such as community events, travel and even mixed martial arts for the sports department. Yet something was missing. While on backpacking trips to Grand Teton and Grand Canyon National Parks in the mid-2000’s he was quick to realize that the wild lands of the western United States stoked a fire in his heart like nothing else could. This realization led to relocation to Flagstaff, Arizona, and he hasn’t looked back. He has spent the past several years guiding guiding backpackers, hikers and photographers into the wild places of the American West such as Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Parks as well as in the Grand Staircase Escalante in southern Utah. In addition to backpacking and camping, his adventures include rock climbing, exploring the slot canyons of southern Utah, mountain biking, and bagging 14ers in Colorado’s San Juan Mountain Mountain Range. Kenton is a trail runner, former pilot, newspaper photographer and writer. Kenton looks forward to utilizing his years of guiding experience, combined with his passion and experience behind the lens to provide memorable and unforgettable experiences at the wild places we will visit together.


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