Alaska Photography Trips

Alaska has long been known as ‘The Last Frontier.’ Its size and diversity is so immense that it is downright overwhelming. And perhaps Alaska should be overwhelming considering all that is located here. The 49th State is the country’s largest, encompassing 663,268 square miles, which is over twice the size of Texas.

The sheer volume and variety of wildlife in Alaska is incredible. With a wide-open landscape and a coastline that spans over 6,500 miles, Alaska meets the needs of a diverse group of creatures to flourish. Bears thrive here. An estimated 30,000 brown bears live in Alaska while polar bear live and hunt on the edges of arctic pack ice. The icy waters of Kenai Fjords are perfect for marine wildlife including Orca & Humpback Whales, Sea Lion, Otters, as well as a variety of seabirds including Bald Eagles and Horned Puffins.

The Northern Lights are a spectacle all on their own when the night sky fills with a tidal wave-like storm of color. Interior Alaska is large and sparsely populated making for good night sky viewing and is arguably one of the best places in the world to witness the Aurora. The immensity of the landscape here combined with the variety of awe-inspiring things to see and do make Alaska a place that requires a great deal of time. Just one visit here is simply not enough to see it all. Join us in the last great wilderness – the Land of the Midnight Sun.