Fine Art Prints

“Over the years Russ Nordstrand has become known for his artistic style, sense of composition, and approach to his craft. He brings a unique perspective to his subjects, whether they are grand panoramas, intimate close-ups or wildlife in their fast-disappearing natural habitats.

Russ adheres to techniques and craftsmanship that bring forth the highest quality images possible. His images are printed on infused Aluminum using sublimation techniques which feature rich, clear colors, incredible detail and life-like sharpness. These prints will add a modern, artistic edge and a contemporary elegance to any room in your home or office. They also offer exceptional UV protection from both artificial and natural light, without the weight and break-ability of glass. Infused Aluminum Prints are an archival process with an estimated lifespan of at least 200 years without fading or color shifting if displayed in typical indoor lighting conditions. Russ Nordstrand Fine Art Prints can be purchased as the image alone or with a modern flush frame.

Russ Nordstrand Fine Art Images are available in several different sizes, including custom enlargements. All editions come with a certificate of authenticity (COA) hand-signed by the artist to certify the print is genuine.

Russ’ Fine Art Collection has been carefully selected to reflect a commitment to artistic beauty and a commitment to capturing the raw beauty of our remaining wild places. Many of his images are intentionally limited in their edition sizes to reflect artistic integrity – that is once they sell out no more will ever be printed. As each image gets closer to selling out the price increases and thus the edition begins to become more valuable for collectors. After all, your print is an investment!”

World Wide Shipping

All orders over $100 always include free shipping within the continental United States as well as Canada, Hawaii & Alaska. International orders are billed at current rates and shipped directly to your door anywhere in the world in a sturdy, rigid box and they come fully insured and guaranteed to arrive safely. In the unlikely event that damage should occur in transit, we will have the print collected from you and replaced with a perfect one at no additional charge to you.

All images are printed on demand, and each print is a registered, signed and numbered masterpiece. After printing all orders are approved and signed by the artist thus there can be some delay when working around Russ’ photographic schedule. If Russ is traveling for longer stretches, we will contact you to let you know your print will be delayed longer than the standard two week turnaround time.

Print of the Month: 20% Off

“Spirit of the Valley”

July 2017 Print of the Month

Decorating an entire home or office? How about a Hotel? We can help!

We specialize in large volume orders of impeccable quality original artwork for corporate offices, hospitals, hotels or to completely decorate your new home. Each piece signed by Russ Nordstrand and comes with a genuine certificate of authenticity and our unstoppable guarantee. Prints are offered in four edition types and can be shipped with or without frames.

New Releases

Edition Types

Open Edition

Open edition images are available to our collectors in an unlimited number. Open Edition images are signed by the artist.

Limited Edition

Only 350 of these selected images will ever be produced. Each image is signed by the artist and numbered.

Signature Edition

Only one hundred of these selected images will ever be produced. Each image is signed by the artist and numbered.

Rare Exclusive

Only 12 of these selected images will ever be produced. Rare Exclusive Edition images are signed by the artist and numbered.

Artists Proofs

Only four Artist’s Proofs of each image are ever created, making these our rarest images. Artist’s Proofs are signed and numbered by the artist and marked “AP.”