• Jumpstart into Landscape & Wildlife Photography

    A Full-Day Seminar on Mastering the fundamentals of EXCELLENT digital photography!

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Jumpstart into Landscape & Wildlife Photography

Ready to step up your photography? Join one of our certified professional Landscape & Wildlife Photographers for a full-day crash course in Digital Photography!

This course is for those who are ready to explore the full potential of their new DSLR camera and move beyond the realm of point and click into the realm of true photography.

Backcountry Journeys runs an entertaining, intelligent workshop that will leave you with the skills and know how to start crafting compelling photographs of your own. This fast paced one day course is designed to give those with minimal DSLR knowledge the tools they need to really jump-start their journey into the wide world of landscape & wildlife photography!

Courses run from 8am to 3pm and are currently offered in cities around the United States. See below for the full schedule and online reservations.

Jumpstart into Landscape & Wildlife Photography

Full Day Seminar

Price: $255

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding & Operating your camera
  • Image Composition
  • Understanding Light
  • Exposure
  • Shutter speed
  • Aperture control
  • ISO
  • Depth of Field
  • Focus
  • Lens selection
  • Use of Filters
  • Tripods

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