Position Overview

We’re in the business of producing impactful, world-class photography excursions & digital online learning courses.

Your job as the Photo Adventure Specialist will be to get those trips & courses into the hands of the people who need them most & keep things running smoothly & organized.

Sound fun? That’s because it is!

Our perfect candidate is a star when it comes to managing all the moving pieces involved in booking & managing customer reservations.

You’re detail oriented, organized, and great at juggling the different timelines and people involved in various initiatives. At the end of the day, you find joy in “closing the loop” and completing tasks and projects because you know that means you made a positive difference.

You love talking with customers and you’re not afraid to handle a variety of situations.

As a company that teaches photography it’s important that our Photo Adventure Specialist is committed to excellence and always game to learn new things. We need someone who’s experienced, confident in their customer service abilities and ready to dive in headfirst and get results.

This position’s primary focus is to oversee customer care, make new reservations & managing existing accounts. You’ll spend a lot time in your email inbox and on the phone with customers.

There is also a large of element of sales involved with this position.

At first glance, that might seem like no biggie, but world-class customer service & sales is an integral part of our success and ability to change more lives.

The Photo Adventure Specialist position would be PERFECT for you if the idea of working with a fast-paced team that’s always on the leading edge excites you to no end!

Our ideal candidate doesn’t just hang out & wait for the phone to ring — they also see potential lives changed, potential profit, and potential for growth — and it’s those things that drive them to succeed.

Staying up to date and watching others in the Photo Travel business is fun for you.

You’re a forward-thinking action taker and continuously learning, improving, and refining your skills is a part of who you are.

We’re looking for an experienced customer service & sales representative who “gets” the world of outdoor adventure travel and more specifically photography.

You’re confident in your ability to communicate with your team & customers and stay on top of lots of moving pieces. If you’re driven to work at a high-level with a fun-lovin’ company where more growth equals more lives changed, keep reading…

This role is full-time and a work-from-home position. You’ll report directly to our Operations Manager and work closely with other key team members.

We’re not your average company — we always make sure our team members have plenty of freedom and flexibility to live their best lives, recharge, and have fun (major perks of working as a remote team!)

That said, the adventure travel world doesn’t take breaks — that’s why we need our team members to be flexible too. The tasks required in this role typically fit into an 8-4pm (Mountain) schedule but during product launches and busy seasons, we tend to tap into hours outside that range.

Our dream Photo Adventure Specialist is open to finding their own rhythm that serves their life while aligning with the guiding principle of “until the job is done”.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Photo Adventure Specialist will be working closely with the Operations Manager to manage our trips & customer reservations. That means staying organized, thinking 10 steps ahead, digging into data and analytics, collaborating, brainstorming & solving problems.

This position requires a high-level of responsibility and experience as you literally become the person our customers work with on as daily basis. 

Some of your responsibilities will include… 

-Provide World-Class Customer Service
-Connect with potential guests over phone and email
-Book and modify reservations
-Welcome new bookings & collecting needed payments/paperwork
-Communicating trip details and gear recommendations
-Create and edit trip materials
-Submit compliance reports monthly
-Logistics research
-Book activities and logistics with our vendors
-Sales & Lead Follow-Ups

Skills and Abilities

The ideal candidate possesses the following strengths and skills:

  • 2+ years experience in the world of travel or hospitality
  • Bachelors Degree or Equivalent Experience
  • Strong knowledge of photography & understanding of lenses, camera bodies & equipment.
  • Self-starting attitude, ability to manage your own time and start projects and take initiative
  • Outstanding communication skills (both written and verbal) — you have a knack for offering constructive feedback, effective delegation, and ensuring everyone is on the same page
  • Ability to create strong relationships with vendors, contractors, customers, key people from other organizations
  • The ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously without dropping the ball— you get things done, meet deadlines and keep promises
  • Insane attention to detail and high standards when it comes to quality
  • Creative problem-solving skills, strong basis in Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat and willing to master new systems
  • Positive, flexible, solution oriented, and excited to work with a diverse team of photo travel pros working toward common goals
  • Mature, coachable, and happy doing high-level projects as well as mundane tasks (there will be a mix of both!)

Please note that all candidates must have the following:

  • Laptop or computer that is compatible with Microsoft and Adobe products (i.e. not a Chromebook or iMac)
  • Printer
  • Reliable Wi-Fi connection
  • Quiet workplace
  • Cell phone with unlimited or equivalent plan

If you’re an experienced customer service & sales representative, a total people person, and you love working with a team that’s making a difference in the world, this might just be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. 

Although we permit “side gigs” / work outside this role, it must not compete or overlap with the work we do or interfere with your role and responsibilities within the team. This allows us to project a united front, show that we are in this together as one business, and have the greatest possible impact.

If you want to step into a role with a great opportunity, enjoy knowing all the details and have an adventurous spirit, this just might be the role for you!

Want to learn a little bit more about us? Keep reading!

What We Do

Our Values

Our team is ambitious (always striving for excellence), hungry (competitive to the core; always wanting to be at the top) and enthusiastic (always excited about the work we are doing.)

We do whatever it takes to get the job done.

→ “That’s not my job” is not part of our vocabulary.

→ Since we are a small, but mighty team, we jump in where needed and are not afraid to get our hands dirty in the details.

→ We do whatever it takes to do the best we can in our specific roles.

When it comes to our customers and community, we lead with compassion.

→ We understand that everyone is doing the very best they can in the moment.

→ We subscribe to the belief that everyone we connect with is fighting their own battle we know nothing about.

→ We believe that compassion and kindness are exactly what they need to keep moving forward.

We are all coachable.

→ We are willing to make mistakes, learn from them quickly and continue to grow.

→ We put down our defenses, take a moment to process, take the feedback, and run with it.

We each take complete ownership of our roles.

→ Never will you see us pass off our job or project to someone else.

→ We each feel extreme pride in the work we are doing, and we own our projects like a boss.

We are resourceful to the core. You will never hear us say it can’t be done. We will find a way.

→ We are creative, strategic, and thoughtful in our actions. We believe there is always a way to make it work and we will do the digging to figure it out.

→ We don’t expect others on the team to tell us what to do or how to do it. We always help each other out when needed, but ultimately, when needed, we do the work to figure things out.

We laugh . . . a lot.

→ We genuinely like working with each other, so finding the fun in the moment, even when things are tough, it is just part of our culture.

Backcountry Journeys Perks

Did we forget to mention all of the BCJ perks? We’re fast-paced and rapidly growing. Our small but mighty team is composed of talented and motivated individuals who enjoy coming into work. But these awesome perks help just a little too:

The Benefits:

  • Competitive compensation, bonus potential and flexible time-off
  • Never working on your birthday again! Hit the beach or the spa, we don’t care what you do, just don’t come to work!

The Team:

  • What can we say? We really like each other! From team building events and happy hours to annual team trips, we like to work hard and play hard!

The Culture:

  • Forget the traditional corporate culture. Have a question? Have an emergency? Having a bad day? At BCJ we are all family and here to support you however we can!

The Development:

  • Something you’ve always wanted to learn? We offer annual professional and personal development opportunities, and you get to choose!
  • Opportunities to join in on trips to see what we’re all about!

Application Instructions

If you’d like to be considered for this role please submit the application below. You will need:

  • Cover letter and PDF of your resume
  • Copies of your Driver’s License & Social Security Card
  • Submit Pre-Employment Assessment from TestGorilla
  • A 3-minute video introduction telling us about yourself (We will not review videos longer than 3 minutes)
    • Suggestions of what to tell us about:
      • Why are you the best fit for this position?
      • Tell us about your best customer service “win”
      • What positives and negatives do you anticipate working from home?
      • Which of our trips excites you most, and why?