• Winter at Grand Canyon

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Winter at Grand Canyon

Winter at Grand Canyon is a magical time. Snow covers the high altitude rims and the cathedral-like monuments rise out of the depths of the canyon, frosted and lonely in the cold desert air. The massive expanse of canyon walls stretch away into the seemingly infinite distance – their layered strata ancient and worn by time. This is often a great time to capture epic sky-scapes and dramatic, moody landsapes across the vastness of the canyon. Indeed, it is one of the best times to visit simply because the crowds are all but extinct.

Grand Canyon is a massive geographical barrier in Northern Arizona, spanning nearly 280 miles along the length of the Colorado River. The great gorge is over 6000 feet deep in places and between 10 and 18 miles wide. The Coconino and Kaibab Plateaus have been thrusted over a mile into the sky to expose ancient layers of mostly sedimentary rock to the relentless forces of erosion over time. Grand Canyon is a masterpiece of nature’s handy-work, carved to perfection by wind, water, ice and storms.

In the Winter Months the Grand Canyon region is often blanketed by snow on both rims. Pleasant daytime temperatures give way to frigid evenings along the lofty vantage points of the South Rim. Snow blankets the Ponderosa Pines, the Elk huddle for warmth and the magical glow of sunset reflecting on winter storm clouds can create fantastic photographic opportunities.

Russ has been photographing and hiking Grand Canyon in every season for over a decade.

This trip was designed with the unique factor of winter in mind. No other season at Grand Canyon offers the unique contrasting colors of snow on monuments as well as the possibility for dramatic skies. Based out of our warm, cozy lodge near the South Rim you’ll be immersed in four full days of Grand Canyon Photography. This is a rim-based workshop that includes just light hiking. We’ll be out each morning before dawn to photograph the canyon during magic hour at various vantage points that Russ has chosen based on the lighting conditions and weather.

During the day when the lighting conditions aren’t as good for landscape photography we’ll travel the park in search of wildlife such as Elk or the elusive California Condor. In the evenings we’ll head back to the Rim to photograph winter landscape scenes over the canyon in the warm glow of the evening light.

This is a unique trip in that you’ll be visiting Grand Canyon in a time when most people don’t – so you’ll have the rim vantage points mostly to yourself. The soft, cool colors of winter contrast magically with the powerfully red and white canyon walls and the warm glow of the rising sun. Each day will feature expert instruction on how to fully maximize your Grand Canyon Photography experience. You will be shooting and learning alongside a professional photographer who has spent the better part of the last decade photographing Grand Canyon. With our small groups – you’ll have ample one on one time with your instructor who will show you the subtle nuances of getting excellent images from your Grand Canyon experience.

Come join us on this four-day lodge-based adventure to photograph the Grand Canyon during the beautiful winter months!


  • Winter Solitude at Grand Canyon
  • Photograph Snow-Capped Monuments in Grand Canyon’s least touristy season
  • Incredible magic hour photography with iconic South Rim views
  • Cozy, warm lodges
  • Small Groups
  • Dramatic Winter Canyon-Scapes
  • All-Inclusive Trip, including top-notch meals
  • Learn from & shoot alongside a seasoned pro

Winter at Grand Canyon

4 Days


Deposit: $500

+$250 Single Occupancy

Flagstaff, Arizona


Currently there are no upcoming dates for this trip

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“Exploring and Photographing the Grand Canyon in Winter was an experience unlike any other. Yes it was cold but the lack of crowds and majestic scenery were spectacular and the hotel was great. We made pictures of many sunsets and sunrises all along the South Rim. Russ has been hiking the Grand Canyon for almost a decade and knows the best spots for photography. Aside from vistas we were able to photograph Elk, Hawks and Bighorn Sheep as well!”