Cassandra Lentz is an avid hiker, outdoorswoman and a true midwestern girl. Born and raised in Missouri, her childhood was spent playing in the nearby creek, floating Missouri’s beautiful riverways, camping with her family, and road tripping any chance they got. She’s always been in love with the outdoors, but it wasn’t until she moved to Utah, that her obsession really began. Logging in nearly 80 hikes a year, this outdoorsy gal lives for adventure.

Keeping in line with her love of the outdoors, Cassandra managed to land a job at the Missouri Department of Conservation right out of high school and worked there on and off for ten years while she completed her Bachelor’s in Spanish Literature at Lincoln University and her Bachelor’s in History at Columbia College, both located in mid-Missouri. During college, she studied abroad in Costa Rica, her first real experience outside of the US. She spent every free weekend hiking volcanoes, exploring jungles (running from spiders), and getting in every experience that she possibly could. It was here where she realized how powerful an experience in nature can truly be.

While her main passion is hiking, her next love is marketing! She loves being able to use social media to share her adventures and experiences in the outdoors. She believes that nature really is good for the soul and it’s her mission to inspire others to push themselves, get outside, and experience something new. From the highest peaks to the lowest canyons, follow her adventures on Instagram @thatoutdoorsygal.