Jillian Swalwell is a Florida native and relatively new to the mountains!  While being more accustomed to grasslands and alligators, she’s acclimatizing to high altitude and canyons.  From a young age, Jillian’s parents introduced her to the natural world through camping trips and adventurous road trips throughout the US.  Her earliest memories with her parents include exploring Mesa Verde, hiking in the Appalachians, and trying her hardest to sneak up on deer for a good photo.
She attended Indian River State College and the University of Central Florida for degrees in Organizational Management and Business. She has lived in 3 different countries, 2 continents, and Arizona is now the 3rd state she’s called home.  She has a passion for globe-trotting with her husband, and together they have visited Thailand, Cambodia, United Kingdom, Italy, Romania, Bolivia, France, Dominican Republic, Germany, and the Netherlands.  As an amateur landscape photographer, she tries hard to capture the beauty of her travels.  Alaska continues to be one of Jillian’s favorite states to visit, simply for the wildlife.  But don’t hold her to that, she’s yet to see all of them!