Trip Report: Yellowstone Wildlife Safari – May 2022   

This land is legendary. One hundred and fifty years ago,…

Introducing Doug Marshall 

The time has come to announce a few "new" members of the Backcountry…

‘Special’ Everglades Trip Now a Regularly Scheduled BCJ Itinerary

It was so good we’ve decided to keep it!  Birds & Wildlife…

Looking to The Yellowstone Wolves: Colorado Passes Historic Legislation to Reintroduce Wolves 

On November 3rd, 2020, one of the most historic elections in…
Kenton Krueger

Bokeh, You Say?

Bokeh is one of those photography terms familiar to some, and…

Trip Report: Brown Bears of Katmai Brooks Lodge – September 2020

I told someone not too long ago that this first trip of the COVID-19…