Trip Difficulty Ratings

Level 1

Activities include road-based photography sessions and /or light walks. Sometimes they involve getting into and out of small boats depending upon the trip (all of our boat-based trips are level 1). Walks are generally on smooth dirt trails or paved pathways.

Level 2

Activities include light walking along maintained dirt trails and pathways with your camera gear. Mileage is generally between three and five miles but elevation gain is never more than a few hundred feet.

Level 3

Activities include walking and hiking along trails that may have more significant elevation gain. Mileage is generally between four and seven miles and elevation gain may be up to 1500 feet. Trails may be uneven, rocky and slippery.

Level 4

Activities include hiking on more challenging trails that are steep, uneven and with elevation gain up to 2500 feet. Mileage will vary but can range from five to nine miles.

Level 5

Our most challenging activity level for those who like to really push it! Activities include steep hiking on rough, rugged trails and often in trail-less wilderness areas. Expect significant elevation gain and lots of sweat!

Please note: Any trips with (Hiker) in a parenthesis after the trip name are specifically designed for those who like to hike. If you have a strong interest in photography but would rather not hike you can join us on the standard version of the trip which are all rated at Level 1!