We Appreciate You, Crystal 

A great deal of organization and detail goes into the success of each and every Backcountry Journeys Photography Tour. 

One can likely guess a few of these top checklist items. Deciding where to go, creating a trip itinerary that is the perfect blend of iconic scenes and lesser-known locations, as well as designing and implementing the flow of a tour are each crucial. 

Yet, those things are only a start. There is also an incredible amount of behind-the-scenes work to ensure trips make sense, run well, and are entertaining and fun, and getting these kinds of details not only arranged, but then confirmed and confirmed again, and then fixed along the way all must be attended to by someone.  

So, today we honor and say “thank-you” to Crystal Nordstrand, the one person responsible for all of those things. 

Crystal is Backcountry Journeys’ Logistics Manager, and as such the success of all of those behind-the-scenes details are up to her. She spends her workdays, at Backcountry Journeys World Headquarters, exchanging emails and phone calls with vendors, hotels, car rental agencies, and more. And she is really good at all of this. 

“Every single day Crystal is working long hours making sure all our reservations are accurate and no “balls” get dropped, said Russ Nordstrand, Backcountry Journeys Founder and Director, and also Crystal’s husband. “She works seemingly tirelessly booking all of our hotels, the vehicles we’ll need, and all of the different activities that we offer on tours that require reservations, Nordstrand said. She then manages all of our trip logistics and any issues from the field.” 

When you multiply all of the things Crystal does for each trip, by all of the trips run each year, it is remarkable what one person can do. And for all of those hours, and for all of the “blood, sweat, and tears” she has shed over the years, everyone at Backcountry Journeys would like to say: 


Read more about Crystal here.

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Kenton Krueger has spent the past several years guiding backpackers, hikers and photographers into the wild places of the American West such as Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier, Katmai, Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, as well as internationally in Costa Rica & Brazil. In addition to backpacking and camping, his adventures include rock climbing, exploring the slot canyons of southern Utah, mountain biking, and bagging 14ers in Colorado’s San Juan Mountain Mountain Range. Kenton is a trail runner, former pilot, and has had several of his writings and photographs published in the Omaha World-Herald newspaper. Kenton looks forward to utilizing his years of guiding experience, combined with his passion and experience behind the lens to provide memorable and unforgettable experiences at the wild places we will visit together.

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