What’s in My Camera Bag – Landscape Edition

In this video Backcountry Journeys Photo Guide, Matt Meisenheimer walks you through the things he has inside his camera bag for landscape photography in 2021. Matt has added a few pieces of new gear for this year to go along with some old favorites that he’ll discuss, as well.


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Image Review: Landscape Edition

with Matt Meisenheimer & Kenton Krueger
Tuesday, Feb 23rd, 2021 at 11 am (Mountain)

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  1. Richard DeYoung
    Richard DeYoung says:

    Hi Matt. Good video. We talked a couple of years ago about tripods and you were happy with your RRS TFC-14, but the one thing that keep me from getting it was the lack of a column. I ended up getting a TVC-24 MK2 with a Quick Column. I love this tripod, but can’t get low to the ground without removing the column, which just isn’t practical. I had considered, I think it was Benro, that had a column that you could easily remove most of the bottom of it, but wasn’t entirely thrilled with the build of my previous Benro.

    RRS just came out with, what I consider perhaps the best backpacking/travel tripod option, the Ascend. This is pretty much an updated TFC-14, but it comes with a column design that can be shorted or flipped like the Benro had. You can get it with a new head specifically designed for it, but I ordered the platform model so i could use my RRS BH30 and universal leveling base, which is really helpful to get good panos at any angle.

    I will let you know how i like it when it arrives (backordered now), but i am hopeful that it is all I anticipate. One note is that RRS stuff does not recommend either the TFC-14 or the Ascend (also series 1) with longer than 200 mm. It will be a test to see how it performs with my 100-400 with 1.2 teleconverter.


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