American Southwest Photography Trips

The American Southwest is synonymous with desert, exposed geologic features, and expansive tracts of land that remain mostly unadulterated by humans. The region has also become synonymous with National Parks as a plethora of them are found here. The Grand Canyon of Arizona offers a glimpse into a time never known by man. The carved-up landscape of Utah provides for surreal and uniquely differing views into mazes of deep canyons at Canyonlands, the sandstone arches, fins, and balanced rocks at Arches, the spooky hoodoos of Bryce Canyon, and the deep canyon and towering cliffs of Zion. All of this eroded by time and the power of nature. New Mexico is a delightfully interesting mix of mountain ranges, desert flats and expansive river valleys, and the spectacle of world-famous Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, and the shimmering desert landscape of White Sands National Monument. All of these dynamic locations are perfect representations of this seemingly unreal geologic region.