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Backcountry Journeys Learn courses take the standard video course approach to a new level. Tired of the endless parade of boring one-off videos on the web? Are you looking to further hone your image editing skills? Or maybe you are just starting out?

BCJ Learn courses are designed to give you maximum value for money and for your time – and they are interactive!

What does that mean exactly? When you enroll in a course it means not only do you get access to the course video modules but you also get a month of instructor access and weekly coaching sessions. 

Our courses are designed specifically with Outdoor & Nature photographers in mind, after all, we’re Backcountry Journeys – and that’s what we do!

More specifically these courses are for you if you are tired of the random quality of online learning through videos on YouTube etc. Our courses are for photographers and aspiring photographers who are really looking to improve their post-processing skills and want the added benefit of having personalized instruction. It’s a great way to learn!

We’ve streamlined our course offerings and now instead of offering our courses as optional one-off video course downloads OR-Live Webinars – you now get both. We’ve merged the experience into one simplified, yet highly effective course module.

How it All Works

·       Enroll in a course during the open enrollment period
·       The Live Course runs for 30 days but at your own pace 
·       Once you register for the course you get unlimited lifetime access to the video modules
·       During the course you get access to a FREE private Facebook Group with your instructor and fellow course members.
·       Each week your instructor will do live webinars with Q&A sessions as well as be active in the Facebook Group to help you work through the course. 
·       The course is self-paced however you have access to our professionals whenever you need it


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