Sony Offers Little on New Versions of Mirrorless Camera Bodies

New versions of the a7R III and a7R IV cameras have recently been launched by Sony with little-to-no real fanfare. 

The addition of a new “a” has been added to the official product name that differentiates them from the originals, so the a7R IIIa and the a7R IVa respectively. The new cameras appear to feature a few small cosmetic changes along with noticeable improvements to specific hardware, according to a press release from Sony. 

An extensive upgrade to the rear LCD resolution might be the largest change here, which jumps from 1,440,000 dots to 2,359,296 dots. The Sony logo under the LCD monitor is apparently gone, but that doesn’t seem like a big deal at all. The USB port, however, has been upgraded to USB 3.2 “SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps.” 

Check out the below video from Sony: 

As reported by Sony Alpha Rumors, the following is new for both:

  • LCD resolution has changed from 1.44 million dots to 2,359,296 dots
  • They both support USB 3.2.
  • The Sony logo under the LCD monitor has been removed
  • There are also small changes in their battery life

What is not clear at this time is when these new versions will become available, and if they will just replace the current models or be additional options. Whether or not that changes pricing on the older versions, or if those older versions just go away, we simply just don’t yet. Pricing also has not yet been disclosed, yet prices are still available for the original models. Again, not a ton of information here, but it appears like Sony is introducing slight upgrades to each. We’ll be keeping tabs on developments as they arise.

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