The Beauty of Costa Rica: A Photographer’s Paradise

“What’s your favorite photo location?”

It’s an easy answer for guide Ben Blankenship, Costa Rica. The ‘Why’ is simple for Ben: biodiversity.

Costa Rica, geographically, is roughly the size of West Virginia, which means it makes up about .03% of the world’s landmass. If you’re a math whizz, then you know that this means it makes up just 3 / 10,000ths of all of our planet’s dry land. But, get this; Costa Rica is home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity!

Let’s stop and think about that for a minute. Let’s take into account the staggering number of species that live in the Amazon, the South Pacific, sub-Saharan Africa, and the rest of the entire world. And Costa Rica, even though just a drop in the bucket in terms of landmass, accounts for 1/20th of all the world’s biodiversity. Crazy right?

  • Filmed by Ben Blankenship
  • Produced by Matt Meisenheimer and Ben Blankenship

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