Trip Report: Waterfalls of Havasupai

Photo: Abhijit Choudbury

Well hello everyone – sorry it’s been so long from the last post! It’s been a long month – I’m just back from Yellowstone (pics and posts to come soon!) but it was due time to share this trip report from our excellent photography adventure to Havasu Falls this spring! We had excellent weather and a fantastic group of folks from all over the place: California, Arizona, Chicago, Oklahoma, Germany & New Zealand.

I’ve put together some images from our trip that were taken by group members below – excellent shots from Liz, Rocky, Abhijit, Neelika, TJ, Chuck, Mary and Stephanie (Greg & Susan I don’t have any of yours!).

The Havasu Falls region of the Grand Canyon is a unique locale for photographers – to say the least. Deep within it’s hallowed red-rock canyon walls live the Havasupai people – the last indigenous tribe to live within the Grand Canyon. Their village of approximately 450 people has been home for the Havasupai for approximately 700 years.

The draw and appeal of this village is that nearby are some of Northern Arizona’s most spectacular waterfalls. Waterfalls in Arizona you say? Oh yes. Not only do two of these massive waterfalls tower over 100 feet – one of them is actually taller than Niagra falls (Mooney Falls at 200 feet). The allure of these falls to photographers is their teal blue, almost aqua-marine color that seems like it would belong somewhere in the tropics as opposed to the desert landscapes of Arizona. Of course when you have large amounts of water in a desert environment it brings…life! All sorts of flora thrive in the canyon walls of the Havasupai people – in fact there are species of desert blooming plants from three out of the four distinct North American deserts: Sonoran, Great Basin and Colorado Plateau. All of this lushness in what would otherwise be a stark desert environment brings color and contrast for us photographers. Red rock walls, teal-blue waterfalls, green flora, abundant wildflowers and an azure Arizona sky make Havasu Falls a must for any landscape photographer.

Our trip (April 2017) featured four nights of camping down below the walls in generally beautiful 70 degree weather during the day and cool desert nights. The photography was excellent, the company was better and we even did some night-time photography of Havasu Falls! You can check out the trip page here for more photos and information about photography trips in Havasu Falls. Enjoy the images below and…until next time!

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