Visions of Havasupai

Greetings everyone! I thought I’d share with you some of my recent images of Havasu Falls and the various waterfalls of Havasupai. These images are a collection of photographs taken over several years of trekking deep within the hallowed walls of Grand Canyon to visit this enchanting place. Havasupai is the last place within Grand Canyon to house a Native American village and it is known for it’s abundant waterfalls that take on a teal-blue color from various mineral deposits deep within the earth. The blue-green color of the water in contrast with the stark red-rock canyons, lush foliage and deep blue Arizona skies make Havasu Falls an incredible place to photograph. If you are interested there are still a few spots left on my 2017 Waterfalls of Havasupai Photography Tour & Workshop. Join us on the hike!


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