For a place perhaps best known for futbol (soccer) and Carnival, Brazil is also one of the top tourist destinations in all of South America.

As the largest country in South America (it covers 47% of the continent!), Brazil covers three time zones, shares border with all South American countries except for Ecuador and Chile.

The natural world that exists in Brazil is mind-boggling. The country is the most bio-diverse nation on the planet, boasting an incredible variety of plant and animal life. The vast national parks system provides some of the world’s absolute best places in which to explore natural beauty. In addition to the world-famous Amazon Rainforest, there are 69 national parks here; home to impressive rock formations, massive mountain ranges, incredible waterfalls and more.

The Amazon Rainforest is spread across 9 countries in South America, however, more than half of it is in Brazil. The Amazon River is one of the most indomitable rivers in the world. There are 10 million species that call the Amazon home.

The Pantanal is perhaps a bit lesser known, but should be at the top of any list of what makes Brazil amazing. Often overshadowed by the Amazon, the Pantanal actually boasts a higher concentration of fauna, comparable to the densest animal populations in Africa. Some of the Pantanal’s critters include giant anteaters, piranha, howler and capuchin monkeys, green anacondas—the world’s largest snake, and the star of our proverbial show, jaguars!

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  • Trip Type: Hiker
  • Difficulty: 1
  • June - Sep
  • 13 Days / from $8695